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Floods, hurricanes, droughts, fires, air pollution – the list of problems today is very long and expands day by day. In each of these cases, nature shows us clearly that it doesn’t need people. However, people need nature and will always need it in order to survive.

Since 1970, Paraguay has deforested around 85% of its rainforest. Sadly, the figures are almost the same in the rest of the world. We’re literally ​cutting off the branch on​ which we ​sit​. We have to stop that – immediately. And we all have the required knowledge and tools to do this. It is time that we finally put them to use.

With the reforestation of commercial woods on fallow land, we want to return the favor to nature. And the best thing is, everyone can join us.

TreeCoin’s Strategy

Wood is a great gift of nature – and we need it. As humanity grows, wood consumption does too. TreeCoin realizes this issue and wants to resolve it.

We bought fallow land, on which we plan on planting eucalyptus trees. These are fast growing and will serve as alternatives to the wood from the rainforest. By offering the wood of our planted eucalyptus trees, we preserve the rainforests from further deforestation.

Our goal: 12,700 hectares in one year. That means 10,000,000 trees.

How are we able to manage the reforestation of such a big area in such a short time? We use Blockchain Technology and have created the very first Hybrid Token Offering (HTO) – an alternative to traditional investments.

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23 USD

23 USD 46,000 USD


1 TREE 70 TreeCoins

security token

The security token TREE has the characteristics of an asset; it gives the investor the opportunity to participate in the sale of timber.

payment token

There is also a payment token named TreeCoin (TXC), which is used as a means of payment in our developed economy.

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TreeCoin’s Currency

TreeCoin offers a hybrid token; a security token and a payment token. One security token, which is called TREE and works as an asset, costs 23 US-Dollars. By buying the TREE, 100 TreeCoins are generated, of which 70% is received by you, the investor, for free. The remaining 30% goes into the project and is set aside as a reserve to pay dividends and parts of the salaries to TreeCoin workers.

Through the ICO, each TREE bought will result in one planted tree in Paraguay. The currency – payment token – is called TreeCoin. With its use, the currency will be established in the real economy. This in return will generate additional value.

1 TREE = 1 security token = $ 23 = 70 TreeCoins

The launch of the real-value coin over the building block of the ​HTO​ in the fourth quarter of 2018 is expected to generate 230 million USD. With this capital, the reforestation of 12,700 hectares of fallow land and thus the protection of existing natural forest areas is realized.

23 USD
70 TreeCoins

Lumber price is growing constantly

We want to realize a sustainably managed wooded area of 12.700 ha. This would be equal to 10 million trees. After 4, 8, 11, 15, 19 and 22 years, 50% of the revenue should be reinvested in new wooded areas. Consequently, we will be managing 59.650 ha, or 47 million trees, after the 22nd year.

TreeCoin’s Additional Projects

Over the course of 22 years, 10% of the profit is invested in charitable projects that deal with nature, water treatment, hospitals, child care centers, foundations, and associations for people with handicap and disadvantages. 40% of the profit is distributed back to the investor. And another 50% is directly reinvested for the purchasing of new areas of woodlands.

Additionally, the workers in Paraguay are paid above average and receive 20% of their wage in TreeCoin, which are transferred automatically to the wallets on the workers’ smartphones and can be used in local supermarket stores. The workers receive a 10 – 15% discount on all products as an incentive to use these coins. Because they are openly tradable, not only workers, but also family members, friends, and other people can benefit from the discount by using TreeCoin.



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