“10 TreeCoins, please.”

- pay with TreeCoin in local supermarkets

To get your salary every month, every time at the right time. To pay what you have to pay without having to worry about what’s left. This is normal for most of us. But just imagine having to make adjustments every month. On the one hand, will your salary be on time, and, on the other hand, will it be enough? For many Paraguayan workers, this is daily life. Here, the salary is paid old-fashioned in pay envelopes. Though it does not apply to everyone, sometimes the money in the pay envelopes isn’t even the money that corresponds to the salary.

At TreeCoin, we value our workers very much. Because we want to treat them fairly, we pay them punctually and accurately. But there’s more than meets the eye. We plan on building an entire economy around the TreeCoin payment token “TXC”. Therefore, the workers are partly paid in TXC, which can be used in local supermarkets. And here’s how:

Establish TreeCoin as a payment token

Paying with TreeCoin can especially benefit the people of Paraguay. The reason is that most people do not have a bank account there. They pay in cash or with prepaid credit cards. But a bank account is necessary for so many reasons! Having a wallet with TreeCoin on the smartphone (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t own one?), could be the perfect solution. TreeCoin partners receive 20% of payments in TXC. Moreover, TreeCoin employees receive a voluntary allowance, comprising an additional 20% of their salary, in TXC.

To establish the currency, TreeCoin starts with discounts. If someone pays for their daily needs with TreeCoin in selected partner shops, they will receive a discount of 10 – 15%. This way, the demand for TreeCoin will increase. In addition, TreeCoin’s partner, La Rivera, plans on accepting TreeCoin as a form of payment. For example, it would be possible to pay for their tourist tours in TXC.

Becoming a part of the daily life

Online TreeCoin Payment option

Once the use of TreeCoin begins to increase, it is time to make the currency part of daily use. Therefore, an exchange office is planned for the employees and residents of the region. Furthermore, an online shop with selected products from South America will be available. Of course, TreeCoin will be a payment option.

We look forward to what the next few months will bring and how the token will be part of the Paraguayan life. Would you like to join our journey? Click here to become part of the TreeCoin family!

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