2020 Resolutions for Mother Nature

2020 Resolutions for Mother Nature

It’s that time of the year again, when the days are young and spirits are still high. When we all look to the year ahead and think about personal resolutions to make and keep.

Spring is the season of rebirth, so it’s a perfect time to also improve our lives by picking up new good habits and drop old bad ones. And while we’re at it, why not just make a few changes to the way we live our lives? Resolutions that not only take better care of our lives, but also of the planet we live in?

Saving the planet isn’t necessarily about going to climate conventions and protesting. You don’t even need to hug trees (but you can at TreeCoin!). Sometimes, there are small things we overlook in our daily lives that can easily be changed or implemented. And if done right, these new resolutions can bring about a significant impact over the course of our lifetimes.

To help your new you be more environmentally conscious, here are just 3 simple but meaningful ways you can do different to help preserve Mother Nature.

Resolution 1: Replace plastic bottles with reusable ones


Did you know that plastic bottles generally are single-use ones? Many people reuse plastic bottles, unaware that plastic leaching can contaminate their water. Drinking from these can slowly cause you to poison your own body and is one of the most silent health hazards to modern man.

Worse, once discarded, plastic bottles can end up in rivers and oceans, where they simply clog up our planet. Plastic is found more and more inside the remains of creatures like whales and dolphins that mistake them for food. Even if your plastic bottles are disposed off in landfills, they can take centuries to decompose! National Geographic says we’re throwing away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. Can you imagine 55 million plastic bottles filling up our planet every day?

Better bottling options can be stainless steel, glass or even ceramics that don’t poison your water and can be reused over a lifetime.

Resolution 2: Change your washing machine settings


We’re on ocean pollution again, and this time, how microfibers from our synthetic clothing like polyester, nylon and spandex can end up polluting our seas. These fibers are so small that fish, shellfish and other marine animals can consume them for years and store them — until they are consumed by humans.

While the impact of microplastics are unknown, the idea of ingesting nylon and spandex with your next round of seafood isn’t appealing anyway!

So how do we reduce this? Use cold water settings when washing. This not only stops microfibers from forming, but also conserves energy. Better still, use a specialized microwaste washing bag to trap them.

Want to be even kinder to the planet? Try drying your clothes outdoor in good sun, instead of putting them in the dryer. Trust us, clothes smelling like sun are so good for you!

Resolution 3: Keep a tight ship on your house


It doesn’t matter whether you experience winter and summers, or tropical weather all year long. We all know how much energy we use to either heat our homes or keep them cool.

But sometimes, all that heat can escape our homes (or enter it) simply because our windows or doors aren’t tight enough. A high energy bill and lost money is one thing. But this also means you’re contributing to more greenhouse gases and air pollution by forcing energy plants to work harder.

An estimation puts 98 million US homes as under-insulated, wasting at least 20% of generated heat.
Want to be more efficient? Spend this year to insulate, weatherstrip and cault your home. Use double-glaze and heat-mirror windows. Make the one-time investment and save loads more money in bills for years to come.

See? Just three resolutions, three changes to your habits, three awesome ways to live better and take care of the environment at the same time. Got any other simple but effective ideas? Share them with us on Telegram!

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