The heart of our plantations: A particularly fast growing eucalyptus. The type of eucalyptus we use is perfectly matching climatic conditions and the soil in Paraguay. This way a growth of 5-7 m per year is made possible. A high quality hardwood in demand on the timber market.

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Tree growth of
5-7 m per year.

High quality hardwood
in demand

Durable and
pest resistant

The perfect choice: eucalyptus.

To meet the needs of the industry, two things are required: on one hand that trees planted on the plantations are fast growing for a rapid harvest and commercialization. On the other hand, that the quality of the harvested raw wood
is of high quality for good prices on the market. We have therefore made eucalyptus the heart of our project – not just any, but the fastest growing eucalyptus in the world. The trees we plant grow at a record-breaking rate -in both height and width.

Eucalyptus - a raw material in great demand

Wood is a raw material in demand around the world - it has always been that way and it won't change.

High-quality hardwood is versatile - its use ranges from furniture construction to frames and window ledges to panelling and is used as construction wood in houses or shipbuilding. According to an estimate of the association of the Paraguayan
wood industry FEPAMA the annual demand in Paraguay requires a plantation area of 100,000 hectares.

The right tree in the right location

The type of eucalyptus we use is extremely low in oils. This means on one hand that the entire energy of the tree can be directed towards rapid growth of the wood. On the other hand makes this special circumstance our plantations extremely resistant to fire. Furthermore, eucalyptus loves water-rich locations – and Paraguay has one of biggest water reservoirs in the world.

Why Paraguay?

Paraguay is the result a long search. Many factors and criteria played an important role when looking for a suitable location. Paraguay offers unique advantages for investors and emigrants. It provides optimal conditions for reforestation. Also economical, social and legal conditions are optimal. To introduce to you the country, its advantages and opportunities, we have created a short film for you.

The heart of Latin America:

Seven convincing reasons for Paraguay