Native forests are the green lungs of our planet – to contribute to their protection today means to provide and care for the enviornment of future generations. This includes providing alternatives for the wood industry. This is exactly what we do by re-cultivating fallow land and plant fast-growing eucalyptus. At the same time we protect the remaining native forest and thus make a valuable contribution to protect the

Active protection of acquired native forests

No deforestation for the cultivation of monocultures

Reforestation of plundered native species

Active protection of acquired native forests

No deforestation for the cultivation of monocultures

Reforestation of plundered native species

We saw the need for action early on and developed suitable business models to implement in Paraguay and built the necessary infrastructure over the past 10 years. Now we offer both private and institutional investors the opportunity to contribute to the protection of native forest while generating attractive returns. This way we lay the foundation for future generations together: With your investment in our projects you commit to a sustainable environment worth living in for our children and grandchildren.

Image: Reforestation success: afforested area compared to 2011 by our reforestation partner La Rivera. Remaining native forest was preserved and renaturalized.

In recent decades millions of hectares of forest were cleared in Paraguay and once fertile land
turned partly into barren wasteland. The habitat of countless animals and plants was destroyed. A massive deforestation at this scale
also changes the climate. There are droughts or floods, which are attributed to deforestation. It is therefore the goal of our reforestation
to prevent further deforestation of native forests.

Image: Deforestation of the native forest in Paraguay 

How we protect native forest

Our way of reforestation pursues two objectives. On one hand, we want to generate decent returns for our investors. On the other hand - and this is the primary goal - we want to protect the Paraguayan native forest from further destruction, re-naturalize it and over time restore it to its natural size. This is how we put it into practice:

There are enough areas suitable for reforestation

The good news:
Suitable land for reforestation is available in sufficient quantities.
The report „The Global Tree Forest Restoration Potential“ published in “Science” magazine
comes to an impressive conclusion: The forest area, which is currently still available worldwide, can be increased by
third – and that without reforestation measures conflicting with existing cities or agriculture.
The demand for wood is directly related to the constantly increasing
world population. That is why rapid action is needed.

For your financial success

There’s more for you than just a clear conscience: With TreeCoin and your own TreeCycle of Life®, you ensure, for example, that your investment in our extremely fast-growing eucalyptus pays off financially, consistantly. Because high quality hardwood was, is and will remain a raw material in demand worldwide. When you invest in one of our projects, simultaniously you can:

  • Make a valuable contribution to the protection of remaining native forests
  • Reforest fallow land and re-vitalize it
  • Profit from attractive returns that are generated sustainably

By the way: For Global TREE Project AG, paying fair wages to those involved locally is just as vital as the commitment to charity projects. This is our way to combine our commitment to environmental protection with the commitment to the local people.

Why Paraguay?

Paraguay is the result a long search. Many factors and criteria played an important role when looking for a suitable location. Paraguay offers unique advantages for investors and emigrants. It provides optimal conditions for reforestation. Also economical, social and legal conditions are optimal. To introduce to you the country, its advantages and opportunities, we have created a short film for you.

The heart of Latin America:

Seven convincing reasons for Paraguay