Relationships between people and Global TREE Project AG resemble family ties. We fill the lives of our employees and their families with purpose in life. For people in Paraguay TreeCoin is not only a figurehead, but a real motive of identification.

Identification and a successful, long-term cooperation require mutual trust. This naturally includes fair compensation for our
local employees for their labor. We think things through from beginning to end to ensure that our projects are beneficial for all participating parties.

Eine beständige Rendite für unsere Investoren

Einen Mehrwert für Natur und Umwelt

Eine lebenswerte Zukunft für die Menschen

Consistent returns for
our investors

Added value for nature
and the environment

A prosperous future
for the people

Our sponsoring association: Die Angel e.V.

We accompany local people beyond their daily work within the scope of our projects. To do so we are collaborating with the association “Die Angel e.V.”. The non-profit association takes care of the interests of the people in Paraguay and is actively involved in social projects that support and strengthen local infrastructure. This includes for example:

  • Setting up of kindergartens and schools
  • Setting up of hospitals for people with disabilities
  • Setting up of facilities for other disadvantaged persons
  • Promoting environmental protection projects
  • Promoting projects for drinking water production

Investition in den guten Zweck

Even in emergency situations Die Angel e.V. provides fast and unbureaucratic assistance. As in spring 2020 the association delivered a batch of relief goods to Paraguay to help alleviate consequences of the corona pandemic for local people. The commitment of the association is supported by the joint commitment of Global TREE Project AG and its investors – a fixed amount of TreeCoin revenues is directly allocated to benefit local projects.

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We regularly post about the activities of the association in our blog and through our telegram channel. Take a look!

Our association purpose is to stimulate charity and responsibility towards children, teenagers and adults in need in Paraguay and to contribute in times of need. In this, we promote, organize and finance causes and projects that improve living conditions of these people to enable a better integration into society.

Check the website Die Angel e.V.

Andreas Jelinek

Lilian Ines Talavera Cristaldo

Die Angel e.V.
IBAN: DE50 7835 0000 0040 8586 72
Sparkasse Coburg-Lichtenfels

For donations of 200,- EUR or more, please state your full name and address in the reason for payment.