Amazon: A Classic Case of Poor Governance

Amazon: A Classic Case of Poor Governance

“Burn the forests if you will, but you will only scorch your own lungs.” ~ Anthony T. Hincks

Isn’t it surprising how much we value artifacts, ancient pieces of work? Visit any museum, and you’ll get a glimpse of history. In fact, you can see the same tradition all over the world. So how is it that we’re knowingly destroying the greatest treasure of our society?

Yes, you read it right. We’re talking about the Amazon rainforest. It is one of the oldest, still living treasures of the world.

What you didn’t know about Amazon

  • Amazon is over 10 million years old.
  • It spreads in an area of 6.7 million km2 (nearly twice the size of India).
  • Amazon has over 390 billion trees.
  • It holds the world’s 10% known biodiversity.

In spite of the rich biodiversity, the role in global carbon absorption, and being home to millions of indigenous people, the Amazon is under pressure from deforestation, lax government policies, and climate change. We decided to identify the primary reasons behind the current state of our planet’s largest tropical rainforest.

How politics is failing the Amazon

Brazil is home to roughly 60% of the Amazon rainforest. The country made significant improvements towards limiting its deforestation in the 2000s through the combined efforts of the government, international groups, and civil society. However, under the new Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, deforestation is finding its feet in the country. Bolsonaro has unapologetically announced relaxation in environmental fines. He has dismissed 21 out of 27 state heads of the national forest preservation agency, Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA). His response towards the recent Amazon fires and international aid was nothing but shocking. The rainforest cannot survive such a political regime for long.

Amazon: A Classic Case of Poor Governance and Short-Term Economic Gains

Amazon is unable to cope up with climate change

Climate change is another grave danger in front of the Amazon rainforest. A study reveals that climate change is responsible for an altering tree composition in Amazon rainforests, but the alteration isn’t quick enough to match pace with climate change. The changing environmental conditions are affecting the mortality and growth of different tree species. The study further reveals that trees that are fit for drier weather conditions are likely to outgrow native rainforest species. The current climate conditions and rapidly changing weather are likely to redefine what we call Amazon over the next couple of decades.

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