Amazon: The lungs of earth are choking under their own fire

“Destroying rain forest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.” ~ E.O.Wilson

Amazon rainforests are often called the “lungs of Earth.” Not only do they absorb a record amount of greenhouse gases, but they also have the world’s richest biodiversity. Despite holding such importance, these forests are burning at an alarming rate for the past three weeks. These fires are so massive that they are visible from space, creating widespread outrage across the world.

Why is Amazon burning?

trees are burning

A closer look at the findings of Brazil’s National Institute of Space Research indicates that these fires are getting worse with every passing year. In 2019, there have been over 80,000 incidents of fire so far. That’s 85% higher than the last year.
The primary reason behind these fires is deforestation caused by agricultural activities. It’s a common practice among farmers and cattle ranches to set the forest on fire. It clears the land for agrarian purposes.

What’s even more surprising is the reaction of the local government. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has refused an aid of more than $20 million from G7 countries over an argument with his French counterpart. Bolsonaro is known for his anti-preservation strategies. His primary intent is exploiting Amazon rainforests for economic gains. These actions have not only cost the local people dearly, but they have triggered worldwide protests, from London to Brazil. It is important to note that Brazil is the largest exporter of beef and soybean oil. The indigenous people are paying the highest price for the lack of political and economic will to save the Amazon rainforests.

What would happen if Amazon keeps burning at this rate?

forest after forest fire

If Amazon rainforests continue burning at this rate, they might reach a dieback scenario. Any further loss of forests could cause irreversible damage to the local ecosystem. Scientists have warned about the potential impact of such developments. Any further destruction of the rainforests will have an effect on local weather cycles and global climate patterns.

Time to act is right now!

No matter where you live, sooner or later, burning Amazon rainforests will have an impact on your life. With people around the world joining protests against the local government and providing aid to put out these fires, it’s high time for our readers to act. The only thing we all understand at TreeCoin is that we’re at the verge of destroying the greatest biodiversity zone on our planet and there isn’t any time left to waste.

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