Are we too late in the fight against climate change?

Are we too late in the fight against climate change?

“We’re the last generation that has a chance to stop climate change before it is too late.” ~ Leonardo Dicaprio, Actor, Activist, UN Messenger of Peace

The talks of environment conservation are widespread across every international stage, meeting, or conference. But, are these events effective? Did you ever wonder how we’re doing in our fight against climate change? Before answering that, here are some worrying facts that you must know:

  • Citizens of Cape Town, South Africa, have to follow strict water usage restrictions to avoid Day Zero (the day when taps in the entire metropolitan city run dry).
  • Chennai, a metro city in India, went through its worst water crisis early in 2019, avoiding Day Zero by a close margin.
  • More than 37 countries in the world have lost land to rising sea levels between 1961 and 2017, as per the record of the World Bank.

What does scientific research say about climate change?

Now, to answer the question about the effectiveness of our current environment conservation measures, global meetings, and efforts, the results aren’t quite optimistic. Research from UBS indicates that we’re too late to avoid the consequences of climate change. Furthermore, we’re unlikely to meet our goal of having a fossil-fuel-free world by 2050.

Annual reports from the UN paint a similar picture. The world is already witnessing the initial wave of changes in the planetary weather patterns. Some incidents of irregular weather patterns include deadly heatwaves across Europe, East Asia, and North America, erratic monsoon in South Asia, and accelerated melting of polar ice.

To sum it up, we’re late in preventing climate change; it’s already here.

Heatwave Europe: Are we too late in the fight against climate change?

Changing stakes: Mass action can lower the severity of climate change

However, there is hope to minimize the adverse effects of climate change. Scientists and researchers suggest a two-fold approach to prevent drastic changes in our environment:

  • Mitigation: We have to reduce greenhouse emissions, up to 45% by 2030 and 100% by 2050, to keep the conditions from worsening.
  • Adaptation: We must adapt to the new reality by safeguarding coastal cities from rising sea levels, engineering crops that can withstand harsh conditions, and educating farmers about the challenges and changes they must be ready for.

TreeCoin: An effort towards environment conservation

Climate change is here, and whether it gets worse or better depends on our actions. At TreeCoin, we’re trying to do away with the harmful principles of timber production and management. Our goal is to grow more than 10 million engineered eucalyptus trees in Paraguay. We use degraded, acidified land, to meet the growing timber demand of the world.

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