Are you ready to generate your own renewable energy?

Are you ready to generate your own renewable energy?

Are you ready to take your resolution to protect the environment a step further? The journey of an environmentalist starts from passive efforts, such as cutting carbon footprint, minimizing energy usage, and moves towards active initiatives, such as self-sufficiency in energy production, management. If you are ready to take your nature conservation journey from passive efforts to active ones, here is a short guide to help you choose the best options for producing your renewable energy.

Rooftop Solar Panels

Rooftop solar panels are one of the most feasible ways to produce renewable energy, electricity. In fact, the installed solar capacity has witnessed continuous growth around the world, including in the US, China, and elsewhere.

Here is what you need to do before installing solar roof panels:

  • Find out how much solar capacity you can install on your roof. It depends on your available roof area and the efficiency of the solar panels.
  • The next step is to find out if there are any available government or municipal subsidies for solar installations in your city. Some of these schemes require you to procure panels, inverter, batteries, and other accessories from designated distributors only. So make sure to follow the guidelines.
  • Call a service engineer for inspection of your available roof area or any additional area that receives an adequate amount of sunlight.
  • Get an estimate of the cost, apply for relevant subsidies using these quotations. It is important to note that grants work in different ways. Some offer tax credits, whereas others offer direct financial aid from the government.
  • Now the last step is to start the installation with the help of qualified professionals.

Congratulations, you’ve moved a step further in your effort to minimize your energy imprint and produce your electricity, renewable energy.

Are you ready to generate your own renewable energy?

Solar Water Heater

If you do not have sufficient roof area for installing solar panels, having a solar water heater is another feasible option to reduce your energy usage. Solar water heaters do not require multiple panels; usually, one or two are sufficient and are great for heating a reserve of water. Additionally, solar water heaters can cut your electricity bill by a decent margin. It’s a good option if you’re not yet ready to commit entirely to using solar energy for your house.

Are you ready to generate your own renewable energy?

Wind Turbine (Only for large open spaces)

Wind turbines not only look majestic but have the potential to power your entire house, depending on the speed and sustenance of winds. However, there are some downsides to wind turbines. You need ample space to install them and keep them away from any structures for maximizing wind reception and avoiding any risks. Furthermore, your society may have rules against wind turbines, as they can be noisy at times.
If these restrictions aren’t a problem for you, wind turbines could be a better alternative for solar panels.

Are you ready to generate your own renewable energy?

TreeCoin: A step towards sustainable development

The timber industry is often held responsible for the disappearing forest, and research finds that to be true in most of the cases. Illegal logging accounts for 73% of timber production from Indonesia, 80% from Brazil, and 60% from Cameroon.

TreeCoin is an initiative with sustainable development at its core. It intends to use degraded, acidified land in Paraguay for timber plantations, with an initial goal of planting over 10 million Eucalyptus trees. Its scientific plantation and harvesting process aims at reducing wastage of resources while providing high-quality timber for different purposes.

TreeCoin is raising funds through a hybrid token offering (HTO). Its token owners will not only receive dividends during harvest years, but they will contribute to sustainable timber production. Take your environment conservation efforts to the next level with TreeCoin and read more about our project here.

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