Blockshows of 2018 – a résumé

TreeCoin has been on tour for the past 2 months, introducing its project on blockchain events all over the world. From modern Dubai to cultural Singapore, TreeCoin has made great connections in the world’s biggest hotspots.

Singapore was the last stop in 2018. So let’s have a look at each of the events that TreeCoin was a part of this year.

World Blockchain Summit – Dubai

TreeCoin kicked it off with the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai on October 24. and October 25. 2018. The event was made possible by trescon, global business events and consulting firm that creates exhibitions, conferences, and summits all over the world.

TreeCoin was one of the sponsors of this event held at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Moreover, this was the first time visitors and investors were able to receive 100 free TreeCoins! All they had to do is scan the QR code printed on the flyers and enter their email addresses.

TreeCoin flyer

The presentation presented by TreeCoin’s CEO Jörg Schäfer, better known as Señor Green, and CEO of Heroes group AG, Marcello Genovese, was the first of many throughout this tour. People were introduced through speech to the people and the concept behind the project. Perhaps one of the many important and everlasting quotes in Señor Green’s speech was: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

The speech also reassured that Paraguay was only the first step in trying to save mother nature from collapsing. More countries would follow.

Crypto Summit – Zurich

Crypto Summit is the largest blockchain conference in Switzerland, bringing together global influencers, top policymakers, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the world. This year it was held on October 28. and October 29. 2018 at StageOne Event and Convention Hall Zürich, for which TreeCoin was also a sponsor.

The summit not only introduced TreeCoin to the members attending but also announced the definition of HTO – Hybrid Token Offering. The Hybrid Token Offering refers to TreeCoin’s hybrid token system, which includes a security token as well as a payment token. TreeCoin may even be the first project to use such a combination. This was presented at the panel discussion, during which several startups talked about real-world assets and discussed ways to combine blockchain with sustainability.

Team presents TreeCoin

The introduction to the HTO term resulted in people wanting to know more about the project and its plan to make this two-token-system work. Naturally, the stand was full. Together with the other 4 founders of TreeCoin, Señor Green had deep conversations and important discussions, leading to great connections and potential investors.

The two-day event did not end without TreeCoin presenting the project on stage. This and the extra talk session in TreeCoin’s cube resolved any unanswered question and made TreeCoin fit for the next stop.

Blockchain Summit – Malta

The charity dinner on the night before the Malta Blockchain Summit started, was a great opportunity to connect with others and establish networks. It was open to everyone and not only held for those attending the summit on November 1. and November 2. 2018. The InterContinental was host of both the dinner as well as the summit.

TreeCoin made connections with several other blockchain startups. They even had the honor to meet her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta. After her short but powerful speech at the podium during the dinner, it was clear that she shares similarities with TreeCoin. She too believes that “Blockchain can be used for social good.”

The charity event also included an awards show. Being once again sponsors of the summit, TreeCoin was very pleased to present the “IOT (Internet of Things) of the year” award to Greenspider, a company developing Internet of Things technology for mobility and logistics applications. This was also possible throughout all of the following events.

award ceremony

After the presentation on November 2. 2018, people passed by the stand and gave their opinion of the project in a short video. Many called it a project with an important purpose. After all, sustainability is TreeCoin’s main goal.

From Malta, Europe’s capital of culture, it was time to fly to the next destination.

World Blockchain Summit – Amsterdam

The next destination and second place in the World Blockchain Summit series hosted by trescon was Amsterdam. The summit on November 9. 2018 was what some would describe as; “good things come in small packages”. Even though it was the smallest of all events visited by TreeCoin this year – with around 300 people -, it was the most intense – in some ways.

The world’s biggest Blockchain summit series in Amsterdam was held at the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel. Located directly in the entrance area, visitors and investors quickly found their attention on the greenest stand of the summit.

i am amsterdam letters

Once again, the hybrid token was another arousing interest for investors at the stand. The new concept attracted people. However, the bigger interest was in the green idea behind the project. The eucalyptus trees – the heart of the project – were not only worth the investment but also worth sharing the message. During the speech in the afternoon, the exciting audience took notes and listened carefully to statements such as; “Nature doesn’t need people. But people need nature.”

In addition to the presentation, there was a grand slam, whereby startups received up to 7 minutes to introduce their project to the audience – keeping it sweet and short. TreeCoin was able to take part of the slam in Amsterdam as well. Previously in Dubai and Malta, this was also the case. Being on stage and slamming the audience with facts and statistics gave TreeCoin the chance to make itself more recognizable and memorable.

Blockshow Asia – Singapore

Leaving Amsterdam and landing in Singapore, the final countdown started. Singapore was for the second year in a row host to Blockshow Asia, maybe the most important event in the blockchain world. It was organized with the support of Cointelegraph.

The event held on November 28. and November 29. 2018 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, represented an abstract of the blockchain year 2018. Important investors, startups, and companies attended the big show. Not surprising that TreeCoin has prepared itself intensively; all previous events have led to this.

Marina Bay Sands at night

Arriving in Singapore, everyone was immediately welcomed by a special feeling. The man-made island is colorful, inspiring, innovative, and new. You immediately notice that blockchain, cryptocurrency, and similar terms are not new to the citizens. Moreover, they understood that blockchain might be the future. So it is only understandable why Singapore was once again host to the Blockshow.

TreeCoin was the main sponsor of the show. The logo was seen in every room; it was on coffee cups, the collar of the badge, and on pennons on every table. The banner at the stand was the biggest TreeCoin presented this year. It was a great opportunity to earn attention – and attention it earned.

After TreeCoin’s last presentation in 2018, many attendees passed by the stand with intense questions. They spoke to all 5 founders of the project. As a result of these conversations, many private conversations and interesting investments made their way. Singapore was definitely worth the 12-hour flight.

coffee cup with TreeCoin logo

After a successful tour in 6 famous and important hotspots, TreeCoin’s journey around the world came to an end. It was a journey full of experiences, learning, changes, connections, networking, and developments. This will definitely not be the last tour.

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