About Nature

10 ways to prevent plastic waste

Imagine a beautiful reef under water. Full of life, animals, and colors. It’s peaceful, quiet, unique – and nowadays, often

The worldwide fight against deforestation

“Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting for cooking a meal.” ~ E.O.Wilson, American Biologist A

A Walk in nature is the best stress killer

“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles.” ~ Mary Davis Walking in a forest is a mesmerizing

Wood for the planet

Tall, proud, and almost unaffected. The leaves rustle peacefully in the wind. The twigs strongly carry beautiful colors. And the

Eliminating carbon emissions

If one is to rank the most severe threats human race faces, global warming and degrading atmosphere quality will qualify

Too much for one world – why consumption destroys us

One of this, another one of that – consumption has become normal for us humans. It has become the norm

The medicinal benefits of trees

The uses of wood are many; and so are the medicinal benefits of trees and plants. As announced in last

9 fun uses of wood you will never believe

Trees belong to one of the most important raw material suppliers in the world. Even our ancestors used them for

The top 5 most common uses of timber

The uses of timber are many. After all, wood is a versatile resource. Furniture, floors, houses, fuel, and paper can

Why reforestation is important to the environment

Reforestation and afforestation, although different acts are essentially the same. Reforestation is the restocking of existing forests and woodlands that