About TreeCoin

Why reforestation is important to the environment

Reforestation and afforestation, although different acts are essentially the same. Reforestation is the restocking of existing forests and woodlands that

The eucalyptus types we use at TreeCoin

The aim of TreeCoin is to reforest the world and restore our planet’s ecology by planting trees. Our project starts

5 main uses of eucalyptus trees

You probably know the eucalyptus tree by its recognizable scent and therapeutic aroma. However, many people don’t realize that eucalyptus

Blockshows of the year: a TreeCoin diary

2018 was a year full of travels – travels that formed us as a company and as individuals. We’ve seen

Blockshows of 2018 – a résumé

TreeCoin has been on tour for the past 2 months, introducing its project on blockchain events all over the world.