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You may already know that TreeCoin is an investment in the future if you have read our recent blog posts.

Walk the road with TreeCoin

TreeCoin is a vision. It’s hope for a better future and a goal that must be achieved – for nature,

10 questions about wood – do you know the material?

Wood is one of the most used raw materials in the world. People need it for so much in their

Visions of some visionaries – the TreeCoin Vision

Do something. Change something. Move something. For TreeCoin, these are not only phrases. Sure, in the end, TreeCoin is an

Double sustainability – the TreeCoin investment

An investment has to be profitable. Usually, it has a lot to do with numbers, capital or proceedings. But only

Too much for one world – why consumption destroys us

One of this, another one of that – consumption has become normal for us humans. It has become the norm

Let’s recreate nature – the reforestation quiz

If you break your cellphone, you can buy a new one. If your sneakers are worn out, you can get

The medicinal benefits of trees

The uses of wood are many; and so are the medicinal benefits of trees and plants. As announced in last

9 fun uses of wood you will never believe

Trees belong to one of the most important raw material suppliers in the world. Even our ancestors used them for

The top 5 most common uses of timber

The uses of timber are many. After all, wood is a versatile resource. Furniture, floors, houses, fuel, and paper can