5 main uses of eucalyptus trees

You probably know the eucalyptus tree by its recognizable scent and therapeutic aroma. However, many people don’t realize that eucalyptus

Why eucalyptus trees

TreeCoin uses eucalyptus trees to create a sustainably managed forest area in Paraguay. These trees are otherwise known as fast-growing

Why Paraguay?

For the past 15 years, Paraguay’s leaders have been working to reduce poverty, democratize the country’s resources and social framework

Facts about the flora and fauna in Paraguay

Lying in the center of South America with no border to the ocean, Paraguay rarely gets noticed by tourists coming

Blockshows of the year: a TreeCoin diary

2018 was a year full of travels – travels that formed us as a company and as individuals. We’ve seen

Blockshows of 2018 – a résumé

TreeCoin has been on tour for the past 2 months, introducing its project on blockchain events all over the world.

Republic of Paraguay: history, culture, and industry

Often referred to as the Heart of South America (Corazón de Sudamérica), officially known as the Republic of Paraguay, this

Why invest in timber and forestry?

When it comes to investing, the first question that arises is what to invest in. Which assets are more secured

The main causes and effects of global warming

Scientists and researches today more than ever are warning us about the danger of global warming. They are warning us