Consumerism: how are you doing?

You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s true: the way we consume things, we contribute a lot to the environmental changes.

How a coin turns into a tree and saves nature

Isn’t it amazing to sit under a tree and read your favorite book for hours? The experience is nothing but

Step by step

You may already know that TreeCoin is an investment in the future if you have read our recent blog posts.

Walk the road with TreeCoin

TreeCoin is a vision. It’s hope for a better future and a goal that must be achieved – for nature,

10 questions about wood – do you know the material?

Wood is one of the most used raw materials in the world. People need it for so much in their

Visions of some visionaries – the TreeCoin Vision

Do something. Change something. Move something. For TreeCoin, these are not only phrases. Sure, in the end, TreeCoin is an

Double sustainability – the TreeCoin investment

An investment has to be profitable. Usually, it has a lot to do with numbers, capital or proceedings. But only

Too much for one world – why consumption destroys us

One of this, another one of that – consumption has become normal for us humans. It has become the norm

Let’s recreate nature – the reforestation quiz

If you break your cellphone, you can buy a new one. If your sneakers are worn out, you can get

The medicinal benefits of trees

The uses of wood are many; and so are the medicinal benefits of trees and plants. As announced in last