Dear Earth: A Love Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Earth: A Love Letter to Mother Nature

A tribute to the unconditional love of our planet

To our beloved Earth.

We woke up today with your sun in our eyes. As we stretched into the still cool air, we drew in the fresh morning, your daily welcome for us.

Bathed in your yellow slivers of gentle warmth, we felt truly blessed. Thankful that we could smile, smelling the coffee amid the murmur of boiling water. That we were breathing, happy under the shelter of your sky and lifted up by the earth under our feet, is because of your love.

Cherishing Nature

You nurtured life here. From the harshest cold and driest heat, to tropical jungles and arid plains, you found a way for us to live and thrive.

We fed from your plentiful bounty. We harvested, hunted, and cultivated from sea, forest and steppe. And we prospered.

Your wonders, both hidden and revealed, continue to fascinate and inspire us. You are our sight in the constellations above us.

You are everything that kept us in awe of our existence. The violent crash of thunder, the magnificent flash of lightning. The hum in spring, the crackle of summer, the mottle of autumn, the silence under winter.

All our joy is to breathe you in.

Our blind ignorance

But forgive us, Earth, for we have taken your love for granted. You tried to warn us, often and loudly, that your patience was growing thin.

No longer were we satisfied to harvest and cultivate. First, we dug, then we drilled, then we fracked. We killed, felled and exploited.

You bid the oceans to rise as we choked your skies with industry. You caused the river waters to murk as we stripped the forests of trees. Your birds and animals and plants disappeared forever when we took away their natural homes.

In your wrath, you buried homes under mud, you flooded cities, you scorched forests, you visited famine upon us. Can you find forgiveness?

Our TreeCoin pledge to love


We have, in our loom of words, a thousand more we could dedicate to you. And upon those, a thousand more to lay on as flowers upon your altar.

But we know that words are only worth as much as the deeds put behind them. They cost us nothing but the breath it takes to weave these expressions of love. If only words were enough to nourish you and repair the hurt we’ve caused you. But they’re not.

Only action can prove our desire to do right by you. We cannot possibly repay you for all the good you’ve done for us and those who came before us – but we can make a start for ourselves and for those who will come after us.

Our pledge is this: we will continue to sow the seeds for change right here where, we’ve begun our reforestation project in Paraguay. That we continue to spread our mission to transform the timber industry into an ethical, sustainable sector.

A project that anyone in the world can invest in and can share in the profits of together. One where the community in Paraguay shares ownership together with TreeCoin investors. One that protects you, keeps you, grows you.

You will always be in our hearts.

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