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- 5 facts about TreeCoin

Sometimes there is more behind a project than you can see at first glance. There are more people, more effort, and more designs supporting it behind the scenes. The same applies to TreeCoin. There are some facts you may not know about the project that we think are worth telling you about:

1) A young project with an old backstory

Jörg Schäfer and Alf Schröter in Paraguay - facts about TreeCoin

Those of you who have read one of our previous articles will know that TreeCoin is a very young project whose background goes way back. TreeCoin started with reforestation, but it wished for more than just that. Its team wanted people to be able to invest with both small and large sums. And so they started to develop the TreeCoin concept. Read more about the time before in this article.

2) So many people

crowd of people in nature at sundown

Most of you know Jörg Schäfer, some of you know Alf Schröter, but a very few know the rest of the team. Shareholders, consultants, experts, biologists, a marketing team, the list goes on. There are experts on every topic, from the best conditions for eucalypts to the correct finances.

3) Experts on-site

Andreas Jelinek in Paraguay

The TreeCoin team makes sure to spread its message all around the world, traveling from one country to another. Though all of them live in Germany and Switzerland, only one team member decided to live “where the magic happens”. Andreas Jelinek lives in Paraguay and is daily on-site, overlooking the fields. He has built a good relationship with the local workers and has close contact with La Rivera, with whom TreeCoin is working on reforestation.

4) “I pay with TreeCoin”

someone pays with a portemonaie

The local workers in Paraguay are not paid the usual salary. On the one hand, they are paid above average because TreeCoin wants to show them their appreciation. On the other hand, part of their salary is paid in TreeCoin, the project’s currency under the same name. This currency can be used in local shops partnered with TreeCoin to buy daily necessities at a discount. In this way, TreeCoin wants to build an economy around its coin. These two articles on how to pay with TreeCoin in local supermarkets and how to create an ecosystem around the token will further guide you.

5) A project with a heart

earth in hands

Aside from being a “green thought,” it is essential to all TreeCoin members to give something back. Back to Paraguay, back to society, and help wherever they can. Having said that, part of TreeCoins win goes to social projects dealing with nature, water treatment, hospitals, day-care, foundations, and associations for disabled people.

For example, TreeCoin is planning on sponsoring a children’s center in San Roque, Villarrica. This center supports children in giving them food, clothing, and lessons in cooking, sewing, gardening or painting. TreeCoin continues to lead the project with their heart and aims to be a great example of how other companies could do the same.

So many facts! How many of these facts did you know? Let us know in the comment section.

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