An Eco-Tourism Paradise

An Eco-Tourism Paradise

Eco-tourism in Paraguay is a hidden treasure. It’s packed with natural wonders waiting to be seen. There are a lot of ways to enjoy these treasures in an eco-friendly way within the country. Because of the growing concern of tourism’s impact on the environment, travelers are aware of this when thinking about a place to visit. 

Tourism is going through a huge boom today. Because of the world’s growing middle class, people have more disposable income. Consequentially, more people are also traveling. 

But host destinations are now visibly showing the stresses of tourism. Major popular sites around the world are temporarily closing off visits from tourists. For example, authorities in Indonesia’s Komodo Islands, Denmark’s Faroe Islands, and Thailand’s Maya Bay have all ordered these sites to close so they can be cleaned up. Simply put, Mother Nature can’t handle it.

Ethical concerns

Ironically, many tourists come to these places because they were originally untouched. They are pristine, beautiful, and of course, IG-worthy in an age of social media. Unfortunately, it is typically these locations that are most vulnerable to damage.

Hence, even in the tree-planting business, we go to great lengths to research everything we do to avoid unintended consequences.

Paraguay is a South American nation blessed with some of nature’s most unique displays of flora and fauna. The Paraguayan jaguar is a great example: we must protect nature at all costs.

3 must-see Paraguay destinations for the responsible tourist

There are many options to travel to Paraguay in a sustainable way. This benefits the local communities while mitigating environmental impacts. Check out these three jaw-dropping and eco-friendly sites to die for:

1. Ybycuí National Park

amazing waterfalls in Paraguay

There are many national parks to visit in Paraguay. But if you’re into chasing waterfalls and listening to the sound of the river, then you need to visit Ybycuí National Park. The park is important for its historic role during the Triple Alliance War. It’s only 160 km from the capital, making a day trip to this national park doable. Best of all, you can choose to see the park on a trail. The trail’s eco-friendly design helps you spot butterflies, capuchin monkeys, and even coatí.

2. Moisés Bertoni Foundation – Museum, Reserves & Lodge

Visit the largest natural reserve in Paraguay. The protected area consists of 64,406 hectares of pristine land. In addition, it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Within this reserve is the Mbaracayu Lodge, which has comfortable rooms for those visiting the Nature Reserve.

Eco-tourists can enjoy plenty of activities inside the preserve.  They can walk a forest path, check out the Karapa waterfall or take a relaxing canoe ride along the Jejui-mi river. Visitors can also see the Iguazu waterfalls close to the triple border with Argentina and Brazil.

No matter the preference, there’s plenty of things to do making it the perfect place for eco-tourism.

3. Eco-Reserva Mbatoví 

Mbatoví is a privately managed nature reserve inside the Paraguarí Department of Paraguay. Fortunately, the owners decided to protect it. As such, they were the first to be awarded an Environmental Service business license by the state. This “special adventure” park boasts of qualified instructors, guides and a secure environment. Also, travelers can enjoy clean streams, thriving cacti, and wild orchids. In addition, the eco-adventurer can explore small natural caves located inside the Eco-reserve.

Because of Paraguay’s efforts, eco-tourism in the country is booming. People who are both environmentally conscious and have the travel bug can have a clean conscience when traveling to these Paraguay destinations.  

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