Eliminating carbon emissions

How much are we going to eliminate with the TreeCoin project

If one is to rank the most severe threats human race faces, global warming and degrading atmosphere quality will qualify as grade A danger. Ban-Ki-Moon, a South Korean politician and a former head of the United Nations, said: “Climate change is, simply, the greatest collective challenge we face as a human family.” Carbon emissions are the primary culprit responsible for global warming and severe climate changes. They are the most common discussion topic at every environmental event and climate awareness meet.

As a project that aims to redefine nature conservation through the plantation of over 10 million trees, TreeCoin could be a game changer in carbon neutrality. That is the act of balancing carbon emissions through limiting or absorbing greenhouse gases at a different location.

How Trees Reduce Carbon Footprint

trees reduce carbon emissions

Trees play a vital role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Research indicates that an adult tree can consume up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. During the same period, it could generate oxygen sufficient for you to breathe for the next two years. TreeCoin plans to plant eucalyptus trees that are known for their fast growth, especially under tropical conditions.

In addition to their ability to absorb carbon dioxide, trees protect humans from a myriad of polluting agents. Leaves are capable of intercepting particulate matter and absorb airborne pollutants. The former is responsible for respiratory disorders. In the U.S. continent alone, trees remove over 35 billion pounds of contaminants from the atmosphere. That’s over 15 billion kg! These prevent over half a million cases of acute respiratory symptoms annually.

Impact of Tree Plantation on Carbon Emissions

tree plantation

Recent analysis indicates that planting 1.2 trillion trees can achieve carbon neutrality for the emissions released throughout the past decade. The study goes on to explain that the planet has roughly 400 Gigatons of carbon dioxide stored in its 3 trillion trees. So by planting over a trillion trees, we could absorb at least ten years worth of anthropogenic emissions. It is good to know that the existing forest areas, parks, and tree plantations have sufficient space for planting over a trillion trees.

The United Nations already has a plan, the Trillion Tree Campaign, to plant over a trillion trees. More than 13.6 billion trees have already been planted around the globe. Once achieved, these trees could absorb up to 25% of the annual global carbon emissions. Moreover, they could create economic gains for their respective country.

Why TreeCoin could be a game changer

TreeCoins on the ground

Going by the figures discovered through our research, planting 10 million trees over the course of TreeCoin’s project could remove carbon emissions at an unprecedented scale. Especially for a single campaign. Additionally, TreeCoin will offer economic growth and development for the domestic Paraguayan population.

If you are vigilant about your carbon footprint and are trying to go carbon neutral, participate in TreeCoin’s hybrid token offering (HTO).

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