Secure 4x Growth


In A Sustainable
and Profitable
Asset Class


While Protecting
our Forests and
our Climate

Eucalyptus trees pledged

Our next goal: 10 million trees

Starting with 1.35 million planted trees in the past 10 years to soon 10 million fast-growing trees.

Fast growing hybrid trees: A sustainable investment that protects native forests


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3. Receive your earnings regularly

Our platform will provide you with regular, transparent and traceable information on all proceeds.

You receive 90% of the total earnings

Investor Earnings


Of the proceeds from hardwood sales go back to the investor


are distributed directly to the investor


are reinvested into new land and additional trees on behalf of the investor to increase future earnings

Our TREE – the first digital hardwood asset in the world

TreeCycle of Life® – Increasing profitability

Maximum security, thanks to blockchain technology

A hereditary asset

Lifelong maintenance guarantee

Flexible liquidity

30 TreeCoin per TREE as starter bonus!

TreeCoins is our digital currency within our TreeConomy. TreeCoin (TXC) is our payment token and is used for payments within our TreeCoin ecosystem. For every eucalyptus tree – in other words, every TREE that you invest in, you receive 30 TreeCoin as starter bonus.

TreeCoin – Your EXTRA-chance free of charge

The more people buy our TREE and use TreeCoin as means of payment in the future, the more the value increases.

1 TREE = 100 TreeCoin

For 1 TREE 100 TreeCoin are issued. Thus the number of TreeCoin is directly related to the number of trees planted and cannot be artificially increased and is therefore non-inflationary.

Our goal: an alternative, sustainable currency

Our gift for you

The currency of our future TreeConomy


The fastest growing
hardwood tree in the world

Investing in wood always means investing long term. With TreeCoin you invest your money in the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world. Just like our trees, your earnings will also grow fast.

Why our work is good for everyone involved

Investing in top-quality raw material in global demand to earn money while not harming man and nature – is that even possible? We are convinced there is no other way long-term. Therefore we made sustainability our main objective and made it the foundation of the GTP business model. The result: a real win-win situation.


Consistent returns
for our


Added value for
nature and the


A prosperous
future for the



Through reforestation we bring fallow areas back to life. In this way, we restore conditions for the native forest to reclaim its habitat and a healthy ecosystem is established.



Besides doing justice to nature. we want to include the local people, who live in and of it. Fair compensation is therefore are a given. Just like our commitment to local charity projects.


Reforestation of the native forest of Paraguay

Experts, investigating global reforestation potential are convinced:
Planting trees is the most efficient way to reduce CO2in the atmosphere and counteract the consequences of climate change. Paraguay offers a number of unique conditions that make it an optimal location for afforestation projects.

The people behind TreeCoin

GTP AG - Jörg Schäfer

Jörg Schäfer

Founder, CEO

Jörg is CEO of Global TREE Project AG Switzerland and has over 30 years of experience in the field of sustainable investments. He has participated in numerous large projects in the field of renewable energy around the world.

GTP AG - Andreas Jelinek

Andreas Jelinek

Founder & forestation expert

After completing his commercial professional training Andreas held various positions in international trade and logistics companies until 1989.

GTP AG - Alf Schröter

Alf Schröter

Founder, COO

Alf has more than 25 years experience as manager and consultant for leading private financial institutions around the world. Alf started his financial career in the early 1990s as district manager of Bausparkasse Mainz.

GTP AG - Markus Oeser

Markus Oeser


Markus is an experienced sales and management executive with over 15 years in logistics and supply chain management for international companies.

GTP AG - Jens Nocke

Jens Nocke


As a metallurgist Jens was responsible for quality managemnet in the automotive industry, later as production manager of a foundry for products of the cement industry. From 1990 to 2000 Jens worked in the quality management department at Mercedes Benz AG.

GTP AG - Marcel Moye

Marcel Moye


Marcel is an accomplished businessman and corporate strategist who has spent most of his career working for companies, improving their business processes and increasing efficiency to drive growth.

GTP AG - Philipp Rusch

Philipp Rusch


Since his studies in St. Gallen, Switzerland Phillip Sebastian Rusch has been working in the field of finance and capital markets. After graduating in 2002, he began his career in the financial market.

GTP blog logo

Stay up to date with current developments around your investment on our blog. You find all the latest information about our eucalyptus plantations, the native forest projects and our local social engagement. We provide further insights into our work and our offer and provide more information about current events. Take a look!

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Our partners


TreeCoin is sustainability for everyone. It is a movement to achieve a change in awareness in the field of capital investment. Through earned profits TreeCoin wants give back to the world and build bridges between ecology and economy. The goal is to make the world greener, by encouraging investment in trees and their sustainable growth.

The investment in eucalyptus trees is implemented by our digital asset, TREE. Through gradual development of new business areas, TreeCoin is established as a new payment method and introduced as currency within the TreeCoin economy. All of our employees and cooperation partners are to be partially compensated in TreeCoin, for example.

The aim for the near future is to reforst an area of about 12,500 hectares with 10 million trees. TreeCoin wants help to preserve the world for future generations.

The TreeCoin project creates an ecosystem by using TREE (asset tokens) which include the right to benefit from timber sales. In addition, with TreeCoin (payment token) as currency, a means payment method is created within its own ecosystem. Thus the TreeCoin project establishes an ecosystem using blockchain technology to add value for all participating parties.

Investors can directly participate in the profitability of our eucalyptus trees. Many investors around the world are successfully investing in land in Paraguay. Seeing its success so far, we are looking for ways to make this form of investing accessible to a broader group of small and private investors.

The implementation of the project started with a pre-token sale and an HTO (hybrid token offering). The general goal is to plant as many trees as possible.

The HTO will be ending by a certain date and not by selling a set amount of TREE. After a successful HTO TREE and TreeCoin are generated by a Genesis process on our blockchain. The more funds are raised, the better for the project, as it will lead to a larger number of planted trees.