Eucalyptus Woodcraft

Eucalyptus Woodcraft

More Than Meets The Eye

The humble eucalyptus tree is a worthy symbol for TreeCoin’s ongoing quest for afforestation in Paraguay and beyond. It is a fast-growing tree, it is sturdy and resistant, and we know enough about the species and have a well thought out plan and strategy with the eucalyptus tree at the center of it all.

But TreeCoin isn’t just about a straightforward crop planting venture. Nor is it only about planting trees. The former would only require to look at the highest profit yield, while the latter needs only a consideration of the cheapest and fastest way to fill bare land with trees.

But did you know that eucalyptus is also a very aesthetically pleasing type of wood? Here are five woodcraft gift ideas that highlight the beauty and uniqueness of eucalyptus, from various shops online

Smoked Eucalyptus Wood Ring

The fine eucalyptus grains stand out very well and make for perfect gifts for the modern fashion-conscious metrosexual. Smoked, they brown for even more masculine tones and display very well as you can see. As seen at Art and Soule.

Eucalyptus Gum Nut Earrings

Who says it’s only the wood that counts, right? Even the gum nuts from Eucalyptus make for unique-looking earrings, sure to provide some dinner-table conversation when an admirer asks about it. As seen on Folksy.

Natural Wood Veneer

As popular as they are cost-effective, natural wood veneer makes for flexible and customizable DIY home improvement. They come in all shades of natural wood, have excellent durability and consistency. Wood is becoming more popular even for decorative purposes, and eucalyptus makes for an elegant alternative to artificial plastics and fiberglass. As seen on Alibaba.

Personalized Rolling Pin


Know someone who loves baking their way into your heart? Or perhaps you’re the one covered in flour every weekend? Then you need a rolling pin that won’t break, won’t mold, and won’t let you down. And what better inspiration to read a personalized message from a loved one while pressing that stubborn dough down, right? As seen on NotOnTheHighStreet.

Magic Wand

For the Harry Potter in your child, friend, or yourself. It may not be magical, but a wand made from eucalyptus wood is not only a beauty to look at, but will last the various beatings its sure to take. As seen on Etsy.

TreeCoin’s Commitment To Quality Eucalyptus

We’ve extensively covered the reasons behind choosing the eucalyptus in previous blog posts. We talked about our research and how we considered many sub-species, creating a special type of hybrid eucalyptus that selectively chooses beneficial characteristics to retain. We also made sure that our Eucalyptus hybrids do not bring negative consequences to their surroundings. After all, the restoration and maintenance of the rainforest ecosystem is of utmost importance.

One other thing we looked at was to ensure that the eucalyptus trees we planted would provide high-quality wood come harvest time. After all, if we are going to harvest the trees and sell the timber for profit, then it is this end product that matters to the buyer. Wood itself as a commodity and a building material is already recognized for its attributes of durability, renewability, and affordability. You can read our post about the most common uses for timber.

Led by our co-founder and reforestation specialist in the field, Andreas Jelinek, we are working every day to ensure that the eucalyptus wood we will produce is of the highest quality.

So the next time you hear about eucalyptus, maybe you’ll remember that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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