Frequently Asked Questions

What is TreeCoin and what are its goals?

TreeCoin is sustainability for everyone. It is a movement that wants to achieve a change of consciousness in the area of capital change. Through the returns, TreeCoin wants to do something for the world and combine ecology and economy. The aim of TreeCoin is to make the world greener by encouraging to invest into and by planting trees. TreeCoin is creating an ecosystem in which its coin is a more transparent, cheaper and better alternative to fiat money. By gradually creating new business areas, the TreeCoin will be established and introduced into the monetary system as a new payment option. The salary of all workers and cooperating partners will partly be remunerated with the TreeCoin.

The goal is to cultivate and sustain an area of approximately 12.000 hectares with 10 million trees in the upcoming year. The actual big goal is world domination – to save the world from collapse. To contribute to preserving the world for the next generations.

What will TreeCoin do, and how?

The TreeCoin Project will create its unique ecosystem with TreeCoin as a means of payment. Investors will be able to directly invest in the project. Many investors around the world have already successfully invested in parts of lands in Paraguay. Because the operation was so successful, it is now time to open up to a broader group of investors. Even small and private investors, as only a select few have been allowed to invest with reasonably large amounts of capital so far, are welcomed to join the mission.

Global TREE Project AG’s mission is to reforest huge areas in Paraguay with the help of TREE and TreeCoin. We created a hybrid value system consisting of two digital currencies; a secure coin (TREE), with the right to profit from the harvest yields, and a PayCoin (TreeCoin), as currency within the ecosystem that is created especially for this purpose. With this, the TreeCoin Project will build an ecosystem via blockchain, creating value for all the participating parties.

What is the timeline of the TreeCoin project?

The implementation of the project will begin with the pre-token sale and The HTO in the last quarter of 2019, regardless of the achievement of the SoftCap (15 million). The goal is to plant as many trees as possible.

The HTO will be completed and terminated by a date and not by selling a limited amount of TREE. After the end of the HTO, the number of TREE and TreeCoin will be determined and created on our blockchain by a genesis process. The more funds are raised, the better for the project as it results in an increased amount of planted trees.

Why did you choose eucalyptus?

Because of its perfect properties for industrial wood. It grows very fast, up to 7 meters a year. The wood is very hard and perfect for furniture or other wood products. Additionally, in Paraguay, the eucalyptus has got very good growth potential! Read more about our choice for eucalyptus here.

Isn’t a monoculture bad for nature?

When it comes to the reforestation of natural forests, monocultures are not the best thing. But we plant our eucalyptus trees only for industrial use so that the already existing natural forests could be left alone. For industrial use, a monoculture is a good thing.

Where do you get your land from?

We only use fallow lands which are already cut or burned down by others, or where nothing is growing.

Why Paraguay? Do you work only there?

From the economical point of view, Paraguay has a manageable market, which one can estimate regionally. With its 7 million inhabitants, Paraguay is the most stable economy in Latin America. The country has a very stable price index and exchange rate, which is essential for new investors who see the potential in this country.

Besides, trees grow fast here until they are harvested for the first time (after 4 years). An interesting point is that under Paraguay there is the 2nd largest aquifer in the world – and on the surface, there’s enough water to power the entire country with hydro energy – which Paraguay uses as ecologically clean power.

Paraguay is just the beginning of the reforestation of the world. TreeCoin starts in this country because they are based there and have their networks there. The founders of TreeCoin also help other partners with afforestation in Spain and Australia. In Paraguay itself, they work with people who have known and trusted them for 12 years. The Government of Paraguay has realized the problems occurring because of deforestation. This is why projects like TreeCoin are highly supported and subsidized. The country also provides Even land for good causes.

How did you decide to start in Paraguay?

We put the possible countries through a serious selection process. Every country had to be compared based on how well it performs the aspects that we have defined as our priorities:

  • Are there sufficient water resources available?
  • Are there any earthquakes, what’s the situation with tectonic plate shifts?
  • What is the legal situation?
  • Is the free convertibility of currencies allowed?
  • Is the national language quite widespread?
  • What religious denominations are there?
  • Can one acquire property as a European?
  • Does the country have oil and/or gas?

After this process we had only one country remaining, and that was Paraguay. The only negative point of Paraguay is that it has no access to the sea, which is however trumped by enormous water reserves inland. On the other side of the medal, the absence of the sea also means that the country will not be overrun by tourists and that its resources can be put elsewhere.

Do people of Paraguay profit from TreeCoin’s activities?

To promote the economic and social development of Paraguay, Law 117/91 on foreign investment states that domestic and foreign investment shall be promoted. The foreign investor has the same guarantees, rights, and obligations as a domestic investor. The guarantees, rights, and obligations for foreign investment agreed by the Government of Paraguay with other countries or international organizations through bilateral or multilateral instruments apply to the respective national investment.

Besides, we plan to relatively remunerate labor above the country’s standard and to launch charity projects.

What trees does TreeCoin plant?

The eucalyptus has been chosen for the cultivation because it has been proven to be the best alternative. Thanks to Paraguay’s subtropical climate, eucalyptus trees grow 4 times faster here in comparison to Europe.
The wood of the eucalyptus can easily keep up with exotic noble wood concerning quality, appearance and weather resistance. The wood is traded worldwide and is well established as a cheaper alternative with the same characteristics as other tropical woods. Furthermore, the tree is a natural protector to the indigenous species; it protects them from strong winds and other conditions.

Generally, eucalyptus trees help deforestation in Latin America because the plantations are an excellent fit to satisfy the wood demand, wood for energy production and the pulp and paper industry. There are no natural coal deposits in South America and importing the massive amounts of petroleum and natural gas is very expensive. Although there are several water stations for power, the demand cannot be satisfied and therefore 60% of the energy is generated through firewood. It has been calculated that around 60.000 hectares of land have to be reforested to meet the demand for wood.

However, not only the eucalyptus seedlings are planted, but also the natural trees, which were destroyed by deforestation.

But is eucalyptus a good choice? It uses up an incredible amount of water

On one side. Eucalyptus trees can grow 5-7 meters taller in a year. Of course, it means they need a lot of water to enable this kind of fast growth. That is why such a tree belongs only in water-rich countries. When the amount of available water is irregular – e.g. when there are dry seasons, then during the time the tree is thirsty, it steals water from the ground. As a result, neighbouring areas and plants on them are deprived of water.

On the other side, in Paraguay, there is simply too much water, which is washing out the soil. The areas where this happens, turn into fallow land and stay barren – not even with grass growing there for 10-20 years afterward. This is why planting eucalyptus in such areas could help revive the ecosystem.

This is enabled by TreeCoin. 30% of the first investment in 1ha of land is the price for our biological fertilizer. With enough nutrients, eucalyptus trees can grow on fallow land, since there’s also plenty of water available. After 8 years there’s already a layer of humus, produced by fallen eucalyptus leaves and branches.

I thought eucalyptus isn’t native to Paraguay so it can’t possibly be beneficial for the environment incl. wildlife there. Is it true?

Interestingly, the oldest known eucalyptus fossils have actually been found in South America, even though most of over 800 eucalyptus varieties originate from Australia and South-East Asia. However, as there are so many varieties and hybrids thereof, TreeCoin works with its own hybrids in order to ensure that the trees that will be growing in Paraguay don’t harm its environment but rather enrich it.

Besides, the experience with planting eucalyptus in neighbouring Brazil has shown that eucalyptus forests live in harmony with native flora and fauna species. Mosaic planting of the trees provides the fitting environment for animals to live and reproduce.

I heard that eucalyptus contains oils and can cause fires or spoil ground waters. Is it true?

Although it is absolutely true for some eucalyptus varieties, this tree family encompasses over 800 different tree types. The ones that grow in Paraguay are used for wood, not essential oils because these varieties don’t contain enough or any at all. This is why the problems like fire or spoiled water are highly unlikely.

What is a hybrid token?

We combine a security token and a payment token. With your security token “TREE” a tree in Paraguay is getting planted and your dividends are safe. With your security token, you get 70 TreeCoins – your payment token which you can use at the market like any other blockchain-based token.

How are TREEs and TreeCoins getting produced?

After the HTO, both are created on the Infinity Economics Blockchain based on the whole Investment amount.

On the other side, in Paraguay, there is simply too much water, which is washing out the soil. The areas where this happens, turn into fallow land and stay barren – not even with grass growing there for 10-20 years afterward. This is why planting eucalyptus in such areas could help revive the ecosystem.

This is enabled by TreeCoin. 30% of the first investment in 1ha of land is the price for our biological fertilizer. With enough nutrients, eucalyptus trees can grow on fallow land, since there’s also plenty of water available. After 8 years there’s already a layer of humus, produced by fallen eucalyptus leaves and branches.

How does TreeCoin HTO function?

Initial Coin Offerings are the innovative new way to distribute a token by selling a limited amount of TREE (security coin) to holders. Compared to other funding instruments like debt-financing or IPO’s, this way of raising money is more transparent, cheap and quick. The underlying technology was adapted from other cryptocurrencies and in many cases, was improved with new functions and technologies for a broader field of implications.

TreeCoin raises money for its specific project for investors, who can participate through the receipt of coins and TREE. The security coin TREE has the characteristics of an asset; it gives the investor the opportunity to participate in the sale of timber. There is also a PayCoin named TreeCoin (TXC), which is used as a means of payment in our developed economy.

Investors will purchase the TREE and each one has a value of one tree, which is cultivated over 22 years. Each TREE has a purchasing price of 23 USD and is coupled to the TreeCoin in a ratio of 1:100.

The investors are not gaining any claim or right to land, property or other assets but on the profits that will be generated from the reafforestation in Paraguay. Thus, the holder of the TREE purchases a claim on the 40% that are distributed on each cycle as explained beforehand. All profits distributed to the holders are paid in TreeCoin.

In addition to the TREE, investors will receive TreeCoins for free as a bonus. The token ticker symbol is TXC.

The underlying technology and the token type is Infinity Economics Platform (IEP). 70% of the TreeCoins and the TREE are distributed to the investors via an AirDrop. The remaining 30% of the coins remain in the company to pay the plantation workers’ salaries and distribute dividends.

The TREE is tradeable only on exchanges approved for secured coins. It is also possible to trade TREE at any time against IEP’s own implemented exchange for XIN ( Infinity Economics blockchain Base Token) or other cryptocurrencies accessible on this blockchain. The TreeCoin is transferable as soon as the tokens are listed on the stock exchanges.

What are the benefits of investing in TreeCoin?

If you have TreeCoin, you protect the nature on the one hand (do something for the planet) and have hedged my money at the same time. Guarantee that your coin works ethically. Do not worry about what you do with the return. ecological and sustainable.