Garden Hacks: How to reduce your electricity bills by planting trees

Garden Hacks: How to reduce your electricity bills by planting trees

Did you know that planting trees near your house can help you lower your electricity bill? Trees are an epitome of selflessness. They produce oxygen for all life forms, bear fruits for animals, birds, and humans alike, and help prevent climate change. In addition to these benefits, planting trees strategically around your house can help you cut down your electricity bills. We have created this post to help you guide through the process. Here are some garden hacks.

How trees help in lowering electricity usage

Trees have a cooling effect

The cooling effect of trees is common knowledge. Trees carry water through their roots and release them in the atmosphere through transpiration. This process helps trees move minerals and water around their structure while having a cooling effect on the environment. According to a study, a young, healthy tree can have the same cooling effect as that of 10 room-size air conditioners running for at least 20 hours a day. Another research finds that a 50% shade over your house can give annual savings of more than $350 in electricity bills.


How you can use the cooling effect of trees in summers

Trees can reduce the direct sunlight exposure of your home, thereby driving the temperature of the walls down. The trick is to plant trees at the right locations. For protection against morning and evening sun, you need to plant trees across the east and west-facing walls and windows. Additionally, it would help if you planted both small and large trees, with the earlier providing shade from morning and evening sun, and the latter providing shade during the late morning and early afternoon. In order to limit sunlight exposure of your roof, plan trees on the south and southwest sides of your home. Ideally, you should aim for large trees with high spreading crowns.

Pro tip: You can boost your energy savings by covering the cooling unit with shade.

Garden Hacks: How to reduce your electricity bills by planting trees

Trees lower energy consumption by blocking winter winds

In the winter season, trees can help prevent cold winds from entering your house. The US spends roughly 11% of its electricity on heating and cooling homes, with the latter accounting for 53% of this usage. Placing windbreaks strategically can divert cold winds away and above your house, thereby preventing excessive cooling. It is crucial to plant trees in accordance with the direction of the winter current. Make sure to analyze the local wind patterns before planting trees. Also, you need to plant trees with crowns extending to the ground.

Choosing the right tree and placement is critical

  • Analyze local weather patterns before planting trees. It will help you plant trees at the right locations.
  • Deciduous trees are the right choice, as they provide shade from the sun during summer and lose leaves in the winter to provide access to sunlight.
  • Choose local tree species for year-round growth. Remember that local tree species are resilient to weather conditions or pest attacks, making them the ideal choice.


Trees play a vital role in our daily lives. As recipients of their offering, it is our responsibility to plant as many trees as we can. With the worsening impact of climate change, trees are likely to be our last line of defense! Using these garden hacks is wise.

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