How a coin turns into a tree and saves nature

Isn’t it amazing to sit under a tree and read your favorite book for hours? The experience is nothing but phenomenal! However, do you know that we’re depriving our future generations of such contentment? Yes, you read that right!

A report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States indicates that the global forest coverage was down to 30.6% in 2015 against 31.6% in 1990. The Atlantic Forest is a classic case of human ignorance towards nature. From being one of the most diverse tropical ecosystems in the world, the forest has shrunk to only 7 percent of its original coverage. Surprisingly enough, it is not the only story of massive biodiversity endangerment and mindless consumption of natural resources.

Enter TreeCoin: Saving the Planet by planting one tree at a time

sunset in a eucalyptus forest - How a coin can turn into a tree and save nature

One thing that we have learned from history is how the human race has always put money before nature’s preservation/conservation. It is not intimidating at the least to find ourselves in the current environmental crisis.

TreeCoin is an initiative that puts commercial interests and sustainable cultivation of natural resources in the same basket. Unlike other environmental preservation programs, TreeCoin fulfills the commercial demand of timber through a systematic plantation of eucalyptus trees. TreeCoin not only plans to preserve the Atlantic Forest in Paraguay through a scientific plantation process, but it also ensures profits for investors through a sound business strategy.

How does it work?

eucalyptus tree in a forest

  • TreeCoin plans to purchase 12,700 hectares of land in Eastern Paraguay and plant 10 million trees over the course of 23 years.
  • The organization will follow a systematic harvest approach that will allow the timely sale of timber and revenue generation over 23 years.
  • An investor can sponsor or rather invest in TreeCoin’s harvest by participating in its Hybrid Token Offering (HTO). A $23 investment will result in the plantation and maintenance of one eucalyptus sapling throughout its life. TreeCoin investors will receive 40% of all the profits made by the company with regular distributions starting in the fifth year.

Impact of TreeCoin on the local economy

two paraguayan people on a motorcycle

The agriculture industry employs over 45% of the local Paraguay population. Through its project, TreeCoin plans to create hundreds of fairly paying jobs for the local community. In addition to the economic development of the area, TreeCoin will operate in a socially responsible manner. The organization will dedicate a portion of its profits towards building social projects such as community centers and schools for the local children. In short, TreeCoin will strengthen the local economy through regular employment, social upliftment, and sustainable growth.

TreeCoin presents a viable long-term strategy that allows cohesive existence of humankind and nature. Are you ready to be a part of our journey? Click here to register for the Pre-Token Sale or get to know more about the project!

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