How Natives Benefit from The TreeCoin Project

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” ~ African Proverb

A brief look at world history indicates that every radical initiative became a movement only when people joined and worked towards a common goal. When looking in retrospect, saving the human race and the planet should have been at the top of our lists for decades. But we somehow managed to push the snooze button on it.

TreeCoin is aware of the power of people. That’s why it aims to empower the Natives while achieving its goal of nature conservation. TreeCoin plans to launch its reforestation project from an area close to Villarrica region in the eastern part of Paraguay. Our goal is to not only restore Paraguay’s natural tropical forests but to help in the prosperity of the local people.

How TreeCoin makes a positive impact on natives

– Restoring eastern Paraguay’s forests and wildlife

The past 68 years have been nothing short of devastating for Paraguay’s natural resources. During this period, the country lost nearly 90% of its eastern forests along with its indigenous fauna, causing irreversible damage to its ecosystem. TreeCoin understands that it will realistically take decades before Paraguay’s rich expanse of woodland returns to its former phase. But we’re committed to taking our chances with our reforestation initiative.

Natives benefit from the TreeCoin trees and the project

– Employment opportunity for local people

TreeCoin’s massive project brings hundreds of jobs for the residents and natives of Paraguay. As a country with over 45% of its population working in the agriculture industry, TreeCoin and Paraguay are a perfect match. The company is dedicated to paying above-average salaries to its workers along with additional allowances paid in TreeCoin tokens. TreeCoin will partner with local retail stores to accept TreeCoins as payment currency. As part of this initiative, a 10-15% discount will be offered on all purchases made in TXC. This will promote adoption by TreeCoin employees and residents in the area.

– Improving the life of the local population through philanthropic projects

Instead of implementing hundreds of matrices to improve its profit margins, TreeCoin values human factor. It is devoted to improving the quality of life of the local people. As a part of its philanthropic efforts, TreeCoin will dedicate 10% of its overall profits through a course of 22 years towards charitable projects. Our goal is to develop projects that deal with nature, water treatment, hospitals, child care centers, foundations, and associations for disabled and economically backward people. In fact, our first social project will be a Children Centre, ‘Die Angel,’ located in San Roque, Villarrica. Its goal is to provide food, clothing, and educational classes in cooking, sewing, welding, gardening, and painting to disadvantaged children.

Native with her child

– Economic development of the area

Along with reforesting over 12,000 hectares of land, TreeCoin aims to become a major exporter of timber to a global clientele. As an industry, it will need support infrastructure, and at the same time, it will be in a unique position to introduce road construction, logistics, structural and civil engineering to the region, ensuring continual growth and generating opportunities for the region. In short, we intend to promote the local economy in proportion to our project’s growth.

– Developing a new market for local produce

As a part of its plan to promote natural produce of South America, TreeCoin plans to launch an online store that will feature native products like organic honey, tereré tea, beef jerky, medicinal herbs, wellness products, relaxation oils, organic nuts and textile products made of cotton and natural hemp. Local producers will get a chance to market and sell their products to international clients.

TreeCoin believes in “Together we grow” philosophy. We not only intend to conserve nature, but our goal is to help the natives prosper every day. Are you ready to be a part of a radical change? We are!

Join us in our HTO and become a part of a revolution!

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