How we create an entire ecosystem for TreeCoin token

Saving the planet is a grandiose task. As a matter of fact, an individual or an organization alone can make a limited impact only. TreeCoin is on a mission: To unite everyone towards a common goal of nature conservation. Ambitious goals lead to extraordinary results. And that’s why our goal is to plant over 10 million trees under the TreeCoin project.

How we unite everyone to save trees with TREE token

TreeCoins falling out of a wallet

On its mission to unite everyone for saving the planet, TreeCoin is planning a Hybrid Token Offering (HTO). The organization will allow investors to purchase TREE tokens at $23 each. And against this initial investment, every TREE owner will receive returns throughout the project’s lifecycle. Additionally, TreeCoin will issue 100 TXC tokens against every TREE security token. We will distribute 70 TXC tokens to the TREE token holder and keep 30 tokens for the growth of the project. Our investors and employees will have multiple avenues to spend these TXC payment tokens.

TXC Token: Consumerism meets nature preservation

plantlet growing out of money

TreeCoin intends to develop an entire economy whose sole purpose is to promote the use of TXC tokens. Thereby, we contribute towards the responsible utilization of natural resources.

  • Local retailers to accept TXC tokens: TreeCoin plans to onboard local retailers in its ecosystem. The local retailers will accept TXC tokens as payment currency. Additionally, TXC users will receive a discount between 10% and 15% on every purchase.
  • Pay for tours to Villarrica region with TXC: TreeCoin’s partner La Rivera intends to organize tours to the Villarrica region and integrate TXC as a payment option for tourists.
  • Plans to build a hotel with TXC as primary currency: To promote TXC in the local economy, TreeCoin intends to build a hotel in the Villarrica region. The TXC tokens will be the hotel’s only currency. Furthermore, the hotel will be built with investors and local tourists as its primary clientele.
  • Payment to TreeCoin’s partners and suppliers: TreeCoin will release 20% of the total payment to its suppliers and local partners in TXC tokens. It is our goal to create a local economy under which our suppliers and partners can do business transactions with TXC tokens.

market with customers in Paraguay

  • Timber advance deposits to be paid in TXC: Timber is a high-demand resource. In fact, industrial consumers pay advance deposits to ensure timely supply in the future. TreeCoin will require its industrial customers to pay 20% of the deposit in TXC tokens. This will allow us to spread our message globally.
  • Voluntary allowance to employees to be paid in TXC: Our employees will act as the initial adopter of the TXC economy. To prevent any financial burden on them, we will pay them an additional 20% allowance in TXC tokens. Certainly, employees would be able to use these tokens in local retail shops and our online store.
  • Online store for exquisite South American products: The impact of online shopping is evident everywhere. So, TreeCoin is ready to explore this digital avenue. We will launch an online store that will offer some of the finest natural South American delicacies. These include organic honey, tereré tea, beef jerky, medicinal herbs, wellness products, relaxation oils, organic nuts and textile products made of cotton and natural hemp. Naturally, we will serve international customers and integrate TXC tokens as a payment option for consumers.
  • Dividends after harvest to be paid in TXC tokens: Shareholders are an extension of the company itself. We at TreeCoin believe that TREE token holders are our flag-bearers. The plan is to distribute up to 40% of the profits from every harvest among TREE token holders. We will pay these dividends in TXC tokens, making our investors a part of the TXC economy.

How TreeCoin will support this economy

TreeCoin and fiat money in both hands

TreeCoin will establish a local exchange to convert fiat currency to TXC tokens and vice-versa. Local residents and TreeCoin employees will then be able to convert Paraguayan Guarani to TXC.

At TreeCoin, we plan to the maximum number of participants to our ecosystem with one single goal: Environment Preservation and Conservation. However, we cannot change the world alone. Are you ready to play your part in saving the planet? Then participate in our HTO and register early to buy TREE tokens.

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