How your organic purchases can help the planet

How your organic purchases can help the planet

“With wrong farming methods, we turn fertile land into desert. Unless we go back to organic farming and save the soil, there is no future.” ~ Jaggi Vasudev, Indian Saint, Thought Leader

Did you notice that ‘organic produce corner’ while shopping for your weekly vegetables or groceries at the supermarket? Most of us have, but very few understand the benefits of these organic freshies for our planet. Yes, you heard the right! Your organic purchases can help create a better, beautiful world. We decided to find out the benefits of organic purchases for our readers.

You’re helping keep pesticides out of the soil

Pesticides have become a critical part of conventional agricultural produces. Not only do they have harmful effects on your body, but they’re a significant contributor to soil pollution, water pollution, and destruction of biodiversity. Organic farming involves using different methods, techniques to treat pests, weeds, thereby producing healthier vegetables, grains, and fruits. Additionally, organic farming prevents groundwater contamination while enhancing the soil structure.

How your organic purchases can help the planet

Organic farms have higher carbon sequestration

Multiple types of research reveal that organic farming can improve the carbon sequestration capacity of the soil. It is important to note that growing agricultural usage of land is a factor in climate change. Organic farming can help mitigate these effects while producing grains, veggies, free of pesticides.

Improvement in the soil quality

Researchers find organic farming critical for maintaining the quality of the soil. The overuse of pesticides and chemicals for commercial production disturbs the natural composition of the ground. A study conducted by the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) finds that organic farming can help build organic soil matter better than its conventional no-till counterpart. Additionally, the use of compost in organic agriculture helps in the growth of useful bacteria in the soil.

How your organic purchases can help the planet

Prevent water pollution

The use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers contributes to the contamination of groundwater. Conventional agricultural practices and diffusion causes the leaching of pesticides into groundwater sources, thereby contaminating critical water supplies meant for human needs. Research indicates that over 60% of the EU relies on groundwater to meet its domestic requirements. Since organic farming uses a multitude of techniques instead of pesticides, it helps in eliminating groundwater pollution.

Overall lower carbon footprint

Organic farming progresses while maintaining balance with the environment. Organic farming practices are built around sustainability, and it takes a proactive approach towards avoiding any kind of ecological disturbances. Additionally, the overall carbon footprint of organic produce is lower because of the absence of pesticides or other chemicals throughout the harvest. So, organic purchases are definitely worthwhile.

TreeCoin: A sustainable timber production model

Sustainability is the keyword for the ongoing development across the planet, whether it be construction, industrial production, farming, or production/management of natural resources.

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TreeCoin is using blockchain technology to provide transparency throughout its operations. Investors in its initiative will receive TREE tokens against their investments, allowing them to earn dividends throughout TreeCoin’s project cycle. Additionally, TreeCoin will allocate 70 TXC tokens against every TREE coin while retaining 30 TXC tokens for operational expenses. TreeCoin will use these funds to pay for employee salaries, service providers, and suppliers.

If you’re ready to contribute towards sustainable timber production and management, while receiving dividends for your investments, become a part of TreeCoin’s ongoing hybrid token offering (HTO).

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