Jadav Payeng: The Forest Man of India

Jadav Payeng: The Forest Man of India

The fight against climate change isn’t new. The alarming impact it has on our planet requires massive actions. While most of us are figuring out a way to contribute towards nature conservation, there is a man in India who has single-handedly planted a forest bigger than the New York Central Park. Yes, you heard that right. And we decided to cover his story this week.

Jadav Payeng: The Forest Man of India

Jadav Payeng is one of the most famous names among environment enthusiasts. He is a resident of Majuli, in Assam, India, the largest river island in the world. Jadav has been planting trees consistently over the past 40 years.

Why did he start planting trees?

Being a river island, Majuli has always suffered from soil erosion. As a teen, Jadav found a group of dead snakes floating off the shores of the Brahmaputra river. The river current was eating away at the island, posing a threat to thousands of native species.

Instead of waiting for the authorities to take action, Jadav started planting trees himself in 1979. One of the biggest challenges he faced was from men, illegal loggers, and hunters. Jadav single-handedly protected the forest without any recognition until 2007, when a photojournalist accidentally discovered his forest.

The Forest Man of India awarded Civilian Award

Ever since the discovery of his forest, Jadav Payeng has garnered appreciation from all over the nation, world. The Government of India awarded him with the Padma Shri award in 2015, recognizing his efforts towards nature conservation. Jadav is a frequent guest of honor at multiple local events.

Jadav Payeng: The Forest Man of India - Tiger

Wildlife has returned to his forest

Jadav’s forest, Mulai Kathoni, is bustling with wildlife, with birds and animals returning to their lost lands. The forest is:

  • Spread across 550 hectares, bigger than the New York Central Park (340 hectares).
  • Home to Rhinos, Vultures, Bengal Tigers, and more than 115 elephants.

Jadav is determined to continue his journey further, planting more trees every single day. He aims to grow his forest up to 5,000 hectares over the coming years. His goal is to continue doing so until his last breath, and that’s what inspires environmentalists all over the world. Scientists across the globe give the example of Jadav to encourage people to do more towards the conservation of nature.

TreeCoin Salutes the efforts of Jadav Payeng

As an initiative working towards sustainable timber production, TreeCoin supports and salutes the work of Jadav Payeng. People like Jadav are making a massive difference in the world, and it’s our responsibility to share their message with the world. We share his vision and will continue working towards the common goal of natural preservation.

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