Press Release: TreeCoin ready to heal the planet using Blockchain and trees

9. November 2018, TreeCoin

For the past couple of decades, scientists have been warning about global warming and its ubiquitous outcomes that appear in the form of droughts, heat waves, tsunamis, and storms. However, leaders and policymakers across the globe have been slow to come up with effective solutions. Human behavior still remains the main contributor to the rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. This is something that TreeCoin is set to change.

Deforestation as the biggest contributor to global warming

Of all the wasteful human activities that are increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, deforestation stands as the most severe one, responsible for around 20% of global emissions. In fact, studies reveal that there is a likelihood that rainforests across the globe will all be destroyed in the next 100 years if nothing is done to stop deforestation. In fact, the best time for humanity to plant trees was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now.

Recognizing the importance of immediate action for the Earth’s ecology, we at TreeCoin aim to make a significant, lasting contribution to restoring forest abundance. This way, TreeCoin ultimately strives to enable a greener, healthier future and plans to stop global warming – step by step, starting with areas of Paraguay, where deforestation rate has reached the critical mark of 85%.

For the past 10 years, TreeCoin has been working with other local partners in Paraguay and has so far managed to cultivate over 1000 hectares of land for reforestation. On the way to fulfilling our green mission, we plan on planting a hybrid of the eucalyptus tree that is capable of growing on acidified brownfields. Since these hybrid plants are capable of rapid growth, TreeCoin plans to create an ecosystem with two currencies, i.e. one based on the natural tree and the cryptocurrency (TreeCoin/ TXC) that will be used as a pay coin on our network.

Making it work

In its mission to create a sustainable natural environment, TreeCoin is creating an ecosystem within which the participants will be able to directly invest into the afforestation project by purchasing land for planting trees while using the TreeCoin cryptocurrency as a cheaper and better alternative for tracking transactions.

Additionally, TreeCoin opts for inclusiveness. In other words, governments, small and private investors and local farm workers are all going to be involved. The farmers will be able to own digital marketplaces and other infrastructure through the TreeCoin ecosystem. They will also be able to use Blockchain for payments and at the same time contribute to saving the planet through reforestation – in a transparent and accountable way.

Why start with Paraguay?

Even though Paraguay has had drastic climate changes after losing 85 percent of its rainforest, there is still a huge potential for reforestation in the country through land acquisition programs. Besides, Paraguay has a stable exchange rate and price index which are some of the important factors considered by new investors.

In fact, the country was ranked as the best investment climate thanks to a 22 percent public debt to GDP ratio – which is the lowest in all of Latin America. Furthermore, in the last decade, Paraguay has had a 4.8% GDP growth with agriculture and hydroelectric power as the main drivers of its economic stability.

TreeCoin is also proud to receive support from the Paraguayan government. So far, the company has achieved success with its forestation project in Paraguay not only thanks to the workers’ dedication.  Due to the fact that the country’s government has acknowledged the problem of deforestation, they have subsidized projects aiming at restoring the ecology – even providing land for reforestation.

The TreeCoin Team

Currently, TreeCoin which is led by its CEO Jörg Schäfer is working to create more partnerships and further develop in preparation of the pre-token sale set to begin later this month. At the moment, the team behind the TreeCoin project includes the CEO and 13 more members.

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