Something Special for a Special Community

Something Special for a Special Community

The TreeCoin Treasure Hunt, starting soon,  promises to give away over $53,000 in cold hard Bitcoin and $100,000 worth of TreeCoin tokens (TXC)! We want this event to be the year’s best opportunity to win free crypto AND help our treeplanting cause. So the grand prize winner will also win a 7 day all-expense-paid trip to Paraguay for 2 at a 4-Star Eco Hotel.

Win a Trip to Paraguay in the TreeCoin Treasure Hunt

With our Hybrid Token Offering (HTO) which just started, what better way to celebrate this than to hold one of the largest online crypto giveaways in recent memory?

Imagine yourself arriving with your loved one right in the heart of the tropics in South America. Enjoy the exotic beauty of the rainforest, pampered by the comforts of Earth-friendly luxury accommodation. Get your feet in the soil with us, breathe the air directly from the lungs of our planet near the Amazon basin. And see for yourself the future we are building in beautiful Paraguay.

Have fun. Earn prizes. Save the planet.

The TreeCoin Treasure Hunt isn’t just a great way to have fun with an online community and earn a large amount of money. It’s also a unique way to get involved in a project deeply passionate about the planet through its ethical reforestation and timber cultivation program in Paraguay.

What is the TreeCoin Treasure Hunt?

The TreeCoin Treasure Hunt is a series of quizzes, challenges, puzzles and games held on TreeCoin’s Telegram Group. Three weeks of excitement (Contest Date To Be Announced) guarantees enough twists, turns, dips and bounces to make a crypto whale blush. The event will feature one scheduled “Weekly Challenge” per week. We announce the schedules on TreeCoin’s Telegram group and social media channels before the start of the Treasure Hunt. In addition, “Secret Challenges” are scattered randomly throughout the three weeks. So stay sharp and catch them all! For both types of challenges, we award prizes and Treasure Hunt points. These points are used to compute overall standings to win the Major Prizes. Therefore, every challenge counts, so make it count!

Treasure hunt prizes

Win a Trip to Paraguay in the TreeCoin Treasure Hunt

Each Weekly Challenge will award 1 winner $1,000 in Bitcoin and $2,000 in TXC each. Secret Challenges will award 1 winner $25-500 in Bitcoin and $100-2,000 in TXC each, depending on the degree of difficulty of the challenge. Every participant will fight it out to win Major Prizes. We give these to 3 users with the most “Treasure Hunt” points accumulated over the entire event.

Major Prizes

1st Place: All-expense paid 7 day/6 nights  trip for two (2) to a 4-star Eco Resort in Paraguay and TreeCoin Plantation visit PLUS $10,000 ($5,000 in BTC, 22,000 TXC worth $5,000)

2nd Place: $8,000 ($3,000 in BTC, 22,000 TXC worth $5,000)

3rd Place: $5,000 ($2,000 in BTC, 15,000 TXC worth $3,500)

Everyone’s a winner!

Enjoying a win

It’s not just about the prizes. For every active participant of the TreeCoin Telegram Treasure Hunt, TreeCoin will commit to planting 1 tree. Just playing means you will be helping spread the cause of reforestation.

Even more great news for TreeCoin Treasure Hunters. Even if a user doesn’t win ANY of the challenges, all earned Treasure Hunt points are converted into raffle tickets. We will announce 20 lucky winners of $500 worth of TXC after the end of the Treasure Hunt. So as long as you participate in any of the challenges, there’s always a chance to win.

Share the fun, increase your chances

Another way to earn points is to promote the cause! Every person you refer earns you Treasure Hunt points so spread the good news.

Show off, win more

Share your points won from any challenge, tagging us on social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’ll award 5 points for each channel for a maximum of 20 extra points per user!

Shut up already! How do I play TreeCoin Treasure Hunt?

Win a Trip to Paraguay in the TreeCoin Treasure Hunt

Simply read and follow the Registration Instructions to join and we’ll see you on Telegram. Make sure to follow all the instructions to be eligible to play.

The TreeCoin HTO at a glance

The TreeCoin Treasure Hunt celebrates the launch of the HTO which was on October 31st, 2019, offering TREE security tokens at $23 each. 40% of TreeCoin harvest revenues are distributed to TREE holders, while 50% is reinvested purchasing in new land and new trees. This ensures TREE is a passive growing asset.

Every TREE sold ensures one actual, living, breathing Eucalyptus tree is planted in Paraguay. 1 TREE sold also generates 100 TXC (of which 70 TXC goes to the investor), the native payment currency used to support local retailers, communities and social projects.

Visit TreeCoin’s Whitepaper for more details about TreeCoin, TREE and TXC tokens.

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