Step by step

- how the investment in TreeCoin works

You may already know that TreeCoin is an investment in the future if you have read our recent blog posts. You may also already be convinced of their intentions and the investment in trees. But some of you may still wonder how the investment works in detail, what you need to do if you want to join the TreeCoin family, and what your future might look like as an investor.

Therefore, we want to show you the investment in details – step by step. Are you ready? Then let’s do it!

Step 1: Get to know TreeCoin

man reading about TreeCoin

You’re right; this is very “Captain Obvious”. But it is the first step after all. You need to know everything about the project you want to invest in. TreeCoin is not just blockchain-based project that wants to make our future green. TreeCoin is so much more. Long before they joined the blockchain train, they had realized that something had to be done about global warming. They also realized that investing in trees was the way to go. Fast-forward to the present time, TreeCoin is doing exactly that, using the infamous blockchain technology. It is now time for others to jump on the train and join the mission. And with as few as 23 USD that is possible.

So before you say, “Sounds good, I invest no matter what”, have a look at the project, the people behind it, and the people who are already part of the family. To do so, we recommend the TreeCoin blog to you. Have a look at the blog (of course after finishing this article) and read about the project and Paraguay’s nature. Now enough with the small talk, let’s dive into the serious stuff.

Step 2: Get your hybrid token

TreeCoins on stones

After reading about the project, it’ll be time to get your token. And this is TreeCoin’s first bonus. You don’t just get one token, you get two in one! It’s called the TreeCoin hybrid token and consists of a payment and a security token. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll explain in detail:

To join the TreeCoin community you buy a TREE for 23 USD. This is the security token that also stands for one planted eucalyptus tree in Paraguay.

It’s important to understand that you do not buy or own a eucalyptus tree. It’ll be planted in your name. Imagine this: There are trees that will be cut down after 4 years and there are trees that will be cut down after 10 years – the profit of the last tree is much higher than the profit of the first one. So to stay fair, the profits will be shared equally on all investors.

With every TREE you also receive 70 TXC aka TreeCoins, the payment token. You can use your TreeCoin like every other payment token. In Paraguay, you are able to pay for your groceries in selected stores. TreeCoin has already started to build an economy around its token.

The HTO – the hybrid token sale – will start around July 2019 and end on November 30, 2019. If you want to find out more about the investment, have a look at this detailed article.

Step 3: Watch them grow

little plantlet

This step is for the patient. After your investment, the seedling has to grow. Even though eucalyptus trees grow fast, it will be some time before the first cut can be made. Until then you can watch TreeCoin’s development – here and in Paraguay. During this time, the local farmers will improve the fields and TreeCoin will build a strong relationship with local businesses. So this step literally consists of waiting. But believe us, it’s worth every minute!

Step 4: Get your profits

plant brings profits

It’s payday! After four years of growth, the first eucalyptus trees are ready for the industry. And this means the first profits are ready, too.

It’s important to mention that the early cuts are not used for the same products as the older trees. The former smaller one is used for example for the paper industry and the latter bigger one for example for furniture. So, as the trees grow over the years, the profit and with that your investment also grows. And every 4 years it’s time to pay off. But the best is yet to come…

Step 5: Enjoy sustainability

plantlet growing out of a trunk

… because investing in trees makes your investment endless. After the first decade of planting and cutting is over, the TreeCoin team starts another cycle. They use part of the profit from the first cycle to start the second one. Already in the first cycle, they prepare for the second.

Therefore, the investment and the help for nature rises with the years. And what is better than the combination of a never-ending investment and a never-ending planting process? You would you like to know more about the investment and the specific figures? Then take a look at the whitepaper.

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