Sustainable Timber Production and Community Welfare

Sustainable Timber Production and Community Welfare

“If you want to go fast, go alone.If you want to go far, go together.” ~ African Proverb

How does a project achieve long-term success? While the management and operational efficiency of an enterprise are critical for its growth, a project can achieve sustainable growth only if it adds value to the local community. From a functional point of view, every enterprise relies on local resources for its daily operations, let it be human resources, infrastructure, or regulatory framework.

TreeCoin is aware of its responsibilities towards Paraguay. Our goal is not only to address the deforestation or unsustainable timber production practices in the Villarrica Region but also to improve the local population’s quality of life. Here is how we intend to fulfill each of these responsibilities.

Creating a sustainable timber production model

Paraguay has the second-highest rate of deforestation in the world. Only 10% of its primary forests are left because of illegal logging and short-term economic gains of timber production companies.

TreeCoin aims to develop a sustainable timber production model that ensures the sustenance of Paraguay’s natural forests. Our team has selected ecologically degraded lands (deforested, degenerated, and over-acidified) for its plantation that will allow us to replenish the quality of soil in the long run. TreeCoin is partnering with Grupo Empresarial La Rivera S.A. Paraguay, which already has a positive track record in timber production in the region. Furthermore, their experience in wood production in the area will allow TreeCoin to boost its harvest and net return on investments (ROI).

Sustainable Timber Production and Community Welfare

Working on community welfare

TreeCoin is committed to the welfare of the local community. It will use 10% of its profits generated from its harvesting activities for social projects. TreeCoin will help establish and run childcare centers, hospitals, water treatment plans, and foundations for disabled individuals.

The first project in TreeCoin’s list is the Children‘s Centre “Die Angel” located in San Roque, Villarrica. TreeCoin will work with the local church to provide clothing, food, and education to disadvantaged children in the area. Our goal is to provide these services to over 200 children in this community alone.

The economic development of local communities

  • Employment opportunities: TreeCoin will create employment for the local population. We’ll practice a fair compensation policy throughout our project lifecycle.
  • Commercial activities: The development of TreeCoin’s plantations will boost commercial activity in the local region.
  • Infrastructure development: TreeCoin will be in a unique position to work with the local authorities towards developing transportation and logistical infrastructure in the area.

The Bottom Line

TreeCoin is aware of the need for balance in the timber production industry. Our goal is to develop a sustainable timber production model that not only benefits the company but takes into account community welfare as well.

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