The TreeCoin HTO is now live!

The journey has reached its peak

The time has come: we have finally launched our unique Hybrid Token Offering (HTO) to raise funds for the purchase of over 12,000 hectares of fallow land in Paraguay. Our goal is to plant 10 million eucalyptus trees on the fallow land.

If successful, TreeCoin will provide sustainable timber and subsequent profit for over two decades. Moreover, it will generate long-term income that will be reinvested into the expansion of enough land for 37 million trees in the heart of the South American tropics.

Sustainable. Ethical. Profitable.

eucalyptus seedling

The world’s thirst for timber has led to severe deforestation over the past few decades, with forest reserves rapidly declining the world over.

TreeCoin’s CEO Jörg Schäfer,  a long-time advocate of green initiatives speaks about TreeCoin’s ambitions of developing a sustainable, scalable timber production model that can be easily adopted by other environmental protection and conservation enterprises. He explains:

“We consumed roughly 340 million metric tonnes of timber last year. This will only increase each year. Soon we will need one and a half of our planet to satisfy this, which is simply not sustainable. Many countries have already paid the price of deforestation. Paraguay is a particularly tragic case, having lost almost 90% of its eastern forests, causing irreversible damage to the ecosystem. Realistically it will be decades before its woodlands can return to their former glory. But this reforestation initiative is worth the investment, on both a local and global level.”

According to Schäfer, the project has already spent several years of research on the ground, working with a local reforestation partner. TreeCoin even operates a training facility, hiring local Paraguayans to care for eucalyptus seedlings in nurseries. The facility is led by TreeCoin reforestation specialist Andreas Jelinek of Grupo Empresarial La Rivera S.A. Paraguay. They have successfully seen 3,000 hectares of land into development and 2.5 million harvested trees under their management.

After the HTO and throughout a 23-year cycle, the company estimates harvest revenues will enable reinvestment to purchase new land and new trees to a total value of $546 million. In total, 59,650 hectares of land will provisionally be acquired for reforestation, the outcome of which will generate a projected profit of USD 1.1 billion.

How the TreeCoin HTO works

eucalyptus plantlet

The hybrid token offering involves a dual-token model, where security tokens (described as TREE) are sold to investors. Each security token is backed by one physical eucalyptus tree, planted by TreeCoin in Paraguay. In addition, every TREE sold generates currency tokens (described as TXC). TXC is assigned to the token buyer and distributed to the project and other beneficiaries. Finally, each TREE generates 100 TXC.

An investor in the HTO, therefore, holds TREE security tokens and TXC currency tokens. TREE ensures they receive a share of profits generated from timber harvests. TXC, on the other hand, will be developed as a native payment currency used to support local retailers, communities and social projects in Paraguay.

About TreeCoin

eucalyptus forest for HTO

The TreeCoin HTO is managed by the Zug-based Global TREE Project AG in compliance with financial market laws in Switzerland.

To sum up, 1 TREE sold generates 100 currency tokens (designated as TXC). Of this, 70 TXC is assigned to TREE holders. As a hybrid token offering, the TreeCoin HTO will offer a maximum supply of 10 million security tokens designated as TREE tokens, with a base cost of $23 each, for a maximum of $230 million raised. 40% of revenue from each harvest is distributed proportionately to TREE holders. And 50% is reinvested in purchasing land and seedlings, ensuring TREE is a passive growing asset.

Visit TreeCoin’s whitepaper for more details about TreeCoin, TREE and TXC tokens. Also, register now to participate in the TreeCoin HTO.

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