Tree plantation: These 3 Nations are leading the world

Tree plantation: These 3 Nations are leading the world

“The true meaning of life is planting trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” ~ Nelson Henderson

Climate change is here. In fact, it has been eating away at hundreds of flora, fauna species every single day. A report from the UN finds that over a million species of plants and animals are facing extinction at never-seen-before rates.

How can we deter the impact of climate change? In our race against climate change, which we’re apparently losing, is it possible to reverse the damages, and if yes, how? The answer is simple.

Tree plantation!

A new study finds that planting billions of trees around the planet is one of the most affordable and practical ways of fighting environmental change. The researchers found that there is more than enough space in the world to plant over a trillion trees, without having any impact on cities or farms. A tree plantation initiative of this scale could absorb 25% of all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The good news is that some nations are already working on it. Our team decided to look into the countries acing their tree plantation initiatives.


As the world’s most populous and carbon-emitting nation, China is responsible for roughly one-third (29%) of the global CO2 emissions. However, the country is aware of its massive carbon footprint and is trying to compensate through large-scale tree plantation drives. As per the data from the Trillion Tree Campaign, the country has pledged to plant over 3.7 billion trees. It has already achieved 60% of its target. China is also the biggest investor in the renewable energy sector in present times. China, along with India and the USA, is the primary driver in the expansion of renewable energy production around the world.


The second most populated country on the planet and responsible for emitting 7% of the global carbon emissions is India. And it needs to up its fight against climate change. Thankfully, this nation is aware of its natural responsibility. India ranks second in the list of countries planting the highest number of trees. It has planted more than 2.15 billion trees out of its target of planting 5.36 billion trees. In addition to its massive plantation drives, the country leads the world in producing the cheapest solar power, achieving one-third of the cost of large-scale solar plant installations in the country in comparison to Canada.


Ethiopia ranks number three in the list of countries running massive tree plantation drives. The East African nation has already planted 1.72 billion trees out of its target of planting more than 3.74 billion trees. Ethiopia is planning to run a national-level renewable energy expansion campaign with the help of a $200 million aid from the World Bank. The country has enormous expansion potential in the renewable energy sector.

These 3 Nations are leading the world in tree plantation
TreeCoin in action

TreeCoin: We’re ready to make a difference too

One of the best strategies to improve the efficiency of any afforestation initiative is to use barren, degraded land. TreeCoin is a timber production company that aims to redefine sustainable timber production in Paraguay. Unlike traditional wood companies, we intend to create a sustainable timber production model that utilizes degraded land, unfit for any other purposes.

TreeCoin aims to plant more than 10 million trees over 12,000 hectares of land in Paraguay during the initial phase of its project. Additionally, TreeCoin is uniquely positioned to spur economic growth in the region. It wants to thereby achieve the dual goal of sustainable natural resource utilization and economic development.
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