How the local economy is uplifted by TreeCoin’s project

How the local economy is uplifted by TreeCoin’s project

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” ~ Harvey S. Firestone

Any project can achieve success only when the local economy and people benefit from its progress. TreeCoin is an ambitious project that aims to plant over 10 million trees in the Villarrica region of Paraguay. This will cover more than 12,000 acres of land in the first stage. As a company that aims to develop a sustainable timber production model, our interests are vetted in the prosperity of the Villarrica region.

Development of critical infrastructure

  • Logistics: Since the timber industry relies on robust transportation infrastructure for logistical purposes, TreeCoin will contribute towards the development of a strong transportation network in the region.
  • Real estate (sustainable hotels): TreeCoin will help promote the local real estate market through the development of multiple properties for its operations. Additionally, TreeCoin intends to develop sustainable hotels in the Villarrica region to encourage domestic tourism.

Employment for the local workforce

  • Timber and agriculture industry: More than a quarter of the Paraguayan population relies on agrarian activities for employment. TreeCoin will provide employment opportunities in its timber and agricultural operations. TreeCoin will adopt a fair wage policy for all of its employees.
  • Business ecosystem: TreeCoin aims to create a local ecosystem of suppliers for critical supplies, creating business opportunities in the region. Additionally, TreeCoin will develop a network of local retailers and businesses that will accept its TXC tokens for payment. This will promote significant commercial activities through these ecosystems.

Ecological agrarian development

  • Sustainable livestock farming: In addition to creating a sustainable timber production model, TreeCoin will set up sustainable livestock production farms. Not only will these farms provide employment opportunities to the local population, but they will help local farmers adopt sustainable livestock raising practices as well.
  • Sustainable crops/food: TreeCoin will develop sustainable food farms that will minimize wastage in agriculture and help farmers reap maximum yields on their crops and other by-products.

TreeCoin: How our project will uplift the local economy

Social projects

  • Kindergartens and schools: As a part of our social responsibility, TreeCoin will establish and fund kindergartens and schools in the local region. The primary aim of these educational institutions will be to promote good quality education among the residents.
  • Health centers: TreeCoin will provide better access to primary and secondary medical care to the locals. It will establish charitable as well as autonomous health centers in the region.
  • Social projects: TreeCoin aims to establish multiple social projects in the region. These include schools, health centers, and rehabilitation centers. The primary intent is improving the quality of life of the local people.

TreeCoin aims to create an economic environment that not only promotes the financial welfare of the people but addresses social issues and the local economy as well.

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