Visions of some visionaries – the TreeCoin Vision

Visions of some visionaries – the TreeCoin Vision

Do something. Change something. Move something. For TreeCoin, these are not only phrases. Sure, in the end, TreeCoin is an investment. But behind this investment stands a vision. A vision of a better world. A greener world. A world with a healthy nature, richness in species, and both sun and snow, freshwater and air.

But this image will not exist if humanity keeps acting the way it currently does. We have to change our minds and our behavior to stop climate change and the destructuring of the most important thing we have: mother nature. TreeCoin wants to help with this by taking the first step, in the hope that enough people will follow.

Make people aware of topics such as sustainability, nature protection and, of course, reforestation – that’s the mission behind TreeCoin’s investment and vision. As Markus Oeser, one of TreeCoin’s founders once said: “We want to reforest the world.” In fact, the goal behind TreeCoin’s eucalyptus fields in Paraguay is to protect the existing natural forests “or to put it another way, that what is left of them”, Markus Oeser adds. With TreeCoin’s eucalyptus trees, they want to cover a large part of the world’s wood demand.

Jörg Schäfer with eucalyptus plantlets
TreeCoin’s CEO Jörg Schäfer, aka Señor Green, believes in their vision – and the eucalyptus plantlets.

Behind the Blockchain

TreeCoin is more than just a blockchain-based environmental project. It’s a project fighting for a greener future – and blockchain is the best tool for that. Because of blockchain technology, so many people can be part of TreeCoin, whether they invest 23 dollars or 23,000 dollars. Every single investment counts, standing for a new eucalyptus tree and protecting an already growing tree in the natural forests.

For Paraguay itself, TreeCoin and the underlying blockchain can be of great use. Paraguay has a difficult economy when it comes to employment contracts or money settlements.

More about TreeCoin’s workers in Paraguay, their problems with handling money, and how TreeCoin benefits them is coming soon. So, stay tuned!
an old paraguayan man
TreeCoins vision does not only include nature – but it also includes the people in Paraguay!

As well as possible

Beginning with the local workers, TreeCoin is trying to reward them fairly, simultaneously establishing its currency in Paraguay. For example, a portion of their salary is paid in TreeCoins, which they can use in selected shops for food, toiletries, beauty products, and more. If bought with TreeCoin, these products are sold for less than their actual price. Furthermore, part of the profits made from wood sales is invested in social projects such as kindergartens. One can thus conclude that TreeCoin’s team has a very idealistic mindset.

But why are they doing all of this? Why is this project so important to them? The short answer: they believe in it! Wood is the world’s third most used raw material. And it grows like everything else does every day.

But making sure that humanity can live long on this earth, having everything they need, is not that easy at all. Like Julia Roberts’ voice told us in a short clip about mother nature: We need her, not contrariwise! And this is where TreeCoin comes in.

the world in hands

For a greener future

TreeCoin’s goal is to purchase 12,700 hectares of land and plant 10 million trees in eastern Paraguay over the course of an initial 23-year harvest. TreeCoin has developed a hybrid eucalyptus strain that will grow rapidly and is suitable for firewood and timber.

And that is not all: The team wants TreeCoin to be a pioneer project, meaning that this is just the beginning! They want to apply similar projects to other countries and inspire others to come up with the same and make a positive change with their businesses.

“In a few years, we want to be part of a huge movement which could possibly change the world.” This is what the team keeps in the back of their mind, as they pour their hearts into the project, hoping for a future as green as the eucalyptus fields they’re standing on.

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