Why Investing in TreeCoin Now Makes Sense

Why Investing in TreeCoin Now Makes Sense

Invest in our future, invest in TreeCoin. What do we mean by that?

We are in the business of reforestation, of buying up fallow land, and then making it suitable for planting fast-growing eucalyptus trees. We ensure these trees do not harm the natural ecology and are highly suitable for harvest.

The obvious benefit? We provide a good and sustainable supply for the needs of industry and growth. The world will need more timber to build homes, living spaces, working spaces, and other infrastructure. We cannot and should not prevent that, but we can and should plan for a sustainable and ethical timber industry.

Action is one of TreeCoin’s favorites bywords, as we believe that we must do as much, if not more, than we say. As we reach the midway point of the first quarter of 2020, we think the TreeCoin opportunity keeps getting better. Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons:

European retailers are getting more concerned about ethical timber products

Everything’s got to start somewhere. In an ideal world, everyone everywhere would want to buy ethical timber that isn’t sourced from existing rainforests. We cannot expect all developing nations to do this yet, but in developed economies in Europe, there is already growing demand for such timber.

Aldi, Lidl and Carrefour in Spain and Germany have all sold Paraguay’s own timber products. This has contributed to Paraguayan Chaco losing forest areas “the size of Manhattan every fortnight”.

Each of those supermarkets have responded by launching their own investigations and committing to sourcing ethical wood products. So we know, demand for that kind of timber can only grow as awareness about the environment deepens.

Green furniture and art are in vogue

It might not be the most obvious place to start but even in art and deco, green is in. As corporate culture now emphasizes sustainability, we can see some signs of change. For example, some Dutch banks now even take into account carbon footprint for investment and loan applications.

Businesses are increasingly looking to green alternatives in office decorations and furniture — and the results are eye-grabbing. Renowned architecture studio Nde Renda recently made a splash in Paraguay with its exhibits. These featured green office spaces focusing on “sustainability, technology, and high quality”. Sounds rather descriptive of TreeCoin products, we believe!

The sustainable timber industry is still so small

According to IDH Sustainable Trade, only between 25% and 32% of the primary tropical timber imported into the EU28 had sustainable timber certification exposure.

The EU wants that number to be 100%. And it’s barely a third of the market filled. This is precisely why TreeCoin has a multi-year plan not only to grow and harvest, but to expand. Each harvest, some of our profits are reinvested into buying even more fallow land and seedlings. Because we know the world will need more and more sustainable timber!

Invest in your future. Invest in TreeCoin

It sounds like such a simple idea, and yet it embodies the vision that we want to achieve as an organization. We believe in our work, and each of our objectives is formed with our future in mind. Your future.

If you believe we can act now to save our forests for future generations, then join us.

Because it’s your life. Your family. Your TREEs.

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