Why sustainable development is the only way forward

Why sustainable development is the only way forward

“Sustainable Development: Holding Our World in Trust for Our Children.” ~ Michael Meacher, British Politician

Sustainable development is a commonly thrown word around environmental conferences and meetings around the world. However, did you ever wonder why it is so talked about? We did. And we found three compelling reasons why sustainable development should be a top priority for every nation and industry functioning anywhere on the planet.

What is sustainable development?

The United Nations:

“Sustainable development has been defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The Earth is Set to be 3-5 Degrees Hotter

The United Nations and several research studies conducted around the world have predicted a temperature increase of 3-5 degrees Celsius till 2100, which is well above the target of 2 degrees Celsius set by the UN.

What would happen if we fail to restrict global temperature rise to 2C?

  • The world will witness extreme weather events.
  • Sea levels will rise beyond what we are prepared for, thereby drowning hundreds of coastal cities around the world.
  • Earth will lose flora and fauna at an unprecedented rate.

We’re Losing Forests at Alarming Rates

Trees are critical for the survival of all life forms on our planet, but we’re falling behind in taking care of vital forests around the world. Data from Global Forest Watch indicates that Earth is losing forests at never-seen-before rates. In 2017, our planet lost over 72.6 million acres of tree cover, only marginally lower than 73.4 million acres in 2016. Some of the primary reasons for massive tree cover loss include growing production of soybeans, palm oil, and cattle ranches.

Fabrik: Why sustainable development is the only way forward

Greenhouse Gas Emissions are Through the Roof

Greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming, and one of the best ways to offset their impact is to control their emissions. However, recent reports indicate that we’re in no hurry to curb greenhouse emissions. Instead, the world is witnessing record levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Studies suggest that oil usage has gone up consistently throughout the past five years, a trend that must stop to restrain harmful emissions in the environment.

What would happen if we fail to curb greenhouse gas emissions?

  • Polar ice caps will melt faster than expected, and we’ll witness rising global sea levels.
  • The Earth will get hotter.
  • Air pollution will hit severe levels around the planet.

TreeCoin: How we’re moving towards sustainable development

At TreeCoin, we take the word sustainable development in its literal sense. Here is how we’re creating sustainable operations across our organization:

  • Choosing degraded land for our plantations instead of cutting forests or using agricultural land.
  • Following a scientific plantation and harvesting approach to limit our use of critical natural resources.
  • We are planting more than 10 million trees during the first stage of our project!

If you’re ready to become part of a sustainable project, join our live hybrid token offering (HTO) today. You can contact our support team for any queries related to our project or participation in our HTO.

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