Why we need a Coin to plant trees

Why we need a Coin to plant trees

Save Mother Earth!

This three-word sentence represents one of the biggest misconceptions associated with environmental conservation and protection. Because it is not the Earth that needs saving. Instead, it is the human race that must preserve the planet to ensure its survival. The massive progress witnessed by the human race has come at the price of reckless exploitation of natural resources.

At TreeCoin, we understand that the most efficient strategy to preserve the environment is to tie it with our economic interests. Our goal is to combine ecology with the economy – through the use of blockchain technology.

Why did we associate a coin with planting and managing trees?

TreeCoin in soil in front of a tree

  • To generate quantifiable outcomes: “What gets measured gets done.” By associating a digital coin with an equivalent planted tree, TreeCoin makes it possible to quantify the impact of its initiative. Moreover, our scientific plantation and maintenance methods along with carbon sequestration matrix offer clear insights into the project.
  • To create a transparent equation between commerce and ecology: TreeCoin introduces a financial ecosystem where one TREE token represents one real planted tree. It allows investors or TREE coin holders to evaluate their ROI (return on investments) and dividend yields throughout the life of the tree.
  • Accountability: Using blockchain technology to track every single detail of TreeCoin project makes the entire team accountable to the investors. In fact, TreeCoin’s team is required to provide regular reports that detail activity conducted. These include trees planted, thinned, harvested and sold, as well as all outgoings and revenues.
  • Transparency: TreeCoin leverages the transparency of blockchain technology to offer step-by-step updates to all the participants. The investor, supplier, or even employees can track the progress of the project. This starts with the purchase of saplings and ends with the final sale after the entire harvest cycle.
  • Conducive financial model: Unlike traditional economic models, TreeCoin intends to use blockchain technology to manage token distributions, profit distributions, and auditing. It is a potent financial model that eliminates tedious paper trails while leaving no room for error.
  • Instant gratification for investors: Under normal circumstances, investors contributing financial resources towards the conservation of our planet have to wait years to see any noticeable impact. By introducing TREE, an equivalent of a planted tree tracked across the blockchain, investors see immediate results of their investment.

TREE and trees combined

Through the introduction of TREE digital tokens, TreeCoin promotes transparency and efficiency in its operations as well as governance. If you have any doubts, reach out to our team for answers. It is your chance to change the planet by participating in TreeCoin’s HTO. So take it!

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