Your Treecoin Treasure Hunt Begins Here!

Registration Process

1. Register with the Bot to verify your email address. The bot will also provide you with a referral ID. Use this ID when referring the Treasure Hunt to friends. More detailed instructions on how to use the bot are located in the section below:.

2. Register to the Treecoin Treasure Hunt by taking this quick quiz.
MAKE SURE you are using the SAME email address you verified with the bot.

3. Join Treecoin’s official Telegram channel. You will receive ALL your Treasure Hunt instructions HERE:

4. Study up on Treecoin to increase your chances of winning the challenges!
Check out their website, join their social media profiles and discuss with the community to get to know this project like the back of your hand. Remember, EVERYTHING could be a clue.
a. TreeCoin website:
b. Twitter:
c. Facebook:
d. Instagram:

How to use the bot:

1. Click the following link:
2. Press the START button on Telegram;
3. Give consent as per GDPR;
4. Send full name;
5. Submit email;
6. Confirm the information and agree to terms;
7. Check email with link and instructions;
8. Click the link in the email to enter Telegram with the bot;
09. Press the START button on Telegram;

General Rules

● Registration details will NOT be changed after submission, so please ensure all details submitted are correct;
● There will be a 1-month lock up period for the tokens after distribution;
● Fraudulent activity, including but not limited to duplication of accounts handles, or devices, will result in termination of the participant from the contest and forfeiture of prizes.
● The Project reserves the right to amend terms at any time during the Campaign;
● Participants must practice good behavior and respectable conduct. Any inappropriate behavior by Participants may result in disqualification from the Campaign. What constitutes this behavior is at the arbitration and discretion of Campaign Managers, whose decisions are final;
● We encourage useful, constructive comments, and strongly discourage unhelpful or unnecessary spamlike comments. We want to keep a healthy, positive and conducive environment for everyone to enjoy. Those who will abuse this rule will be removed from the campaign and will not receive any prizes.

Terms and Conditions

For the complete TreeCoin Treasure Hunt Terms and Conditions, please read here: click here